The Girl Who Sees Smells

A.K.A.: The Sensory Couple Much prefer the other title.

Starring: the-girl-who-sees-smells1
  • Shin Se-kyung as Oh Cho-rim/Choi Eun-seol, comedian in a troupe One of the few actresses I follow.
  • Park Yoo-chun as Choi Mu-gak, detective I didn’t like him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he’s kind of cute in this drama.
  • Namgoong Min as Kwon Jae-hee, famous chef
  • Kim So-hyun as Choi Eun-seol, Mugak’s sister ep.1,2,5

About: Choi Eun-seol’s parents were murdered, as was Choi Mu-gak’s sister. After these incidents Choi Eun-Seol loses her memories and gains the ability to see smells while Choi Mu-gak loses his sense of smell, taste and pain. It is based off a webtoon by Man Chwi. 

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Comedy / Thriller

N0 of eps: 16           Release date: 1 April 2015

Rating:   ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨   because I want to eat pies

Recommended: If you love romance, mystery, comedy & thriller

Reasons for watching: Shin Se-kyung, Kim So-hyun, it sounded interesting

Reasons to keep watching: as above the start was good but past episode 10 it drags on majorly; Park Yoo-chun grew on me, I may actually watch other dramas I had previously dismissed because I didn’t like him.

Re-watch it: Probably not

Gush time: They are a cute couple, they’re cheery despite all their troubles, they make each other so happy and their kiss scenes are adorable. At the same time, with these type of couples, once they are together once and for all, I really lose interest.

Shin Se-kyung is one of three actresses so far I would actually watch a drama for. She didn’t disappointShe’s cute, pretty and her clueless face isn’t as annoying as others. I was rather happy watching her in this drama.

Park Yoo-chun really lifted the original impression I had of him. I first saw him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and hated him but he’s rather good in this drama. He didn’t detract in anyway and although I’m far from fangirling I will probably watch some other dramas he’s in because they sound interesting, not for him.

Kim So-Hyun sadly had a small role but still Kim So-hyun ♥. That’s two out of three actresses in one drama.

Namgoong Min is so cute for a 36 year old! I’m on the look out for his other dramas.

There were many pretty scenes. I love how they did the seeing of the smells, it’s so cute and pretty, even if totally unrealistic. I totally love that giant sakura? tree near her house. I want one. Also, the scene where she got proposed to ♥♥♥.

Rant time : I was really expecting more from this drama. I’m a bit disappointed. I really didn’t care about the romantic aspect once they got back together. I feel like instead of trying to kill time like they did throughout episode 11 onwards they could’ve actually filled it with something such as being more indepth on the evil guy’s background, maybe actual visuals shown. I actually took a nap with my eyes open that’s how useless those episodes were. Maybe they tried to make something so serious too lightheartedly and that’s where things went wrong.

the girl who sees smells perfume

Issues I have: Why was the ‘dad’ of Choi Eun-seol hardly there? Even if he had ‘reasons’ to disappear he should’ve shown up more and needed interactions with Choi Eun-seol via text or phone. He may not be the real dad but they lived together for 2-3 years and clearly cared about each other deeply enough. Why was she receiving information from him via Choi Mu-gak? It’s not like Choi Mu-gak is even friends with the dad. Where’s the scene where she says daddy this is my boyfriend? Where was he at their marriage? Why did he not come to mind when they needed witnesses for their marriage document? Family can be a witness can’t they? Did they just not have the budget to pay the actor? This would’ve filled more of the useless episodes.

How does Choi Mu-gak live so comfortably? Didn’t he have to raise his little sister? It’s not like his jobs were high paying but he spends so lavishly. Also the senses he does and doesn’t have and his reactions are so questionable. He can see, hear and feel can’t he? Is that all the senses he has? Can he not feel since he doesn’t feel pain etc? But he reacts to things normally doesn’t he? He was grabbing and hugging Choi Eun-seol all the time, unless he was just seeing where his and her hands were but I don’t think so.

Choi Eun-seol’s barging into the murderer’s house while having been told he’s the prime murder suspect and most likely kidnapped the dad. ‘Oh, look! The door’s open, let’s just waltz in.’ No knocking or calling out for the home owner. Not even calling out the dad’s name! Who looks for someone in a house while calling on the phone? She has a voice! Use it!

Namgoong Min’s dog didn’t show up at after a while at his house [although I noticed this tends to happen in dramas, pets disappearing, real life better not be like that, just returning the pet when you get sick of it!]

There was meant to be a love line between Choi Mu-gak and the Lieutenant because I saw the spark of one but then they just became friends. What was with that? Although it’s not really a complaint because that would’ve over complicated things.

I don’t understand the female comedian isn’t she meant to be mean? Why did she suddenly become nice? They said a vague sentence how she “actually cares” but since it was said in passing at the time I just thought why are they even talking about her. Same with the troupe boss actually, when did he become nice?

There’s a scene where the couple are cycling through a park on one bike. Then they are sitting at a bench and there are two bikes behind them. Then it shows them going back home on one bike! How did nobody notice this in the production stages?

The product placement was so unbelievably blatant I thought the screen froze for a few seconds. Usually I find them to be funny, if slightly annoying, but some of the product placements in this drama were just wow. And the financial games! Even that was obvious. They were advertising Coffeesmith so the friend, of course, worked there. But a few episodes down, the scene is set in Coffeesmith except now it’s just called ‘Coffee’. Then later it’s back to ‘Coffeesmith’.

the girl who sees smells scene tree the girl who sees smells aquarium

Conclusion: Wow, I had a lot of issues considering I rated it a 6/10. Overall, it felt like because the ratings were going down they stopped trying so hard. I felt the focus of the story was too shallow for the plot, it was essentially a rom/com with the problems of a melodrama. This both limited the pathways of the drama and left holes in the story line. It was pretty, the actors were good, the story interesting but the problems lay in the writing/producing side of the drama.


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