About: A young man who finds himself in his teacher’s fiancée’s body.

  • Lee Min-jung as Gil Da-ran Pretty even with hair I hate.
  • Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon-jae / Kang Kyung-joon
  • Shin Won-ho (Cross Gene) as Kang Kyung-joon Super cute but only appears in the first episode/flashbacks
  • Suzy (Miss A) as Jang Mari She’s sort of useless/annoying in it.

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Body-swap

N0 of eps: 16           Release date: 4 June 2012

Rating: ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

Recommended: If you love romance & want to watch a 16 hour long vitamin commercial. I stole that line off someone when I was wondering whether I ought to finish the drama. Light-hearted – 1/5

Reasons for watching: It sounded interesting.

Reasons to keep watching: I really wanted to see Shin Won-ho out of his coma…

Reasons to stop watching: …which apparently doesn’t happen anyway so I gave up. I watched until maybe episode 10 before reading summaries. I really only watched that far partially because I have a need to finish things so if I don’t finish that says a lot. The actors were all good it was the writer’s fault.

Update: Doctor’s cast member Baek Sung-hyun plays Gil Choong-shik, Da-ran’s brother in this drama.

Gush time: Shin Won-ho is super cute. At first I was skeptical, his role is the visual in Cross Gene, but while watching him I thought I don’t care you are a useless visual judgemental thought, my eyes will always be on you and your cuteness. I shall be watching him in the future.

This really was only as good as it was because the actors were good and good looking. The idea of the drama itself was interesting which is why I watched it but maybe it should’ve just been a movie. It could’ve been a great movie or maybe a five episode drama. If it was a movie they would have to cut a lot of Shin Won-ho out! Otherwise nothing really happened once the characters settled in to their new strange lives.

Rant time: I watched this drama a few months ago actually so I don’t have much to say on it. I do remember not liking Gong Yoo as Kang Kyung-joon but that was because Shin Won-ho is so much better looking yet he really only appears in the first episode! So it was a real disappointment to have to watch Gong Yoo instead. I just fell in love with Shin Won-ho only to have him taken away from me. Also it was strange to watch Gong Yoo, in his thirties, with Kang Kyung-joon’s teenage boy personality. However he grew on me once I was able to forget Shin Won-ho.

I mentioned that Shin Won-ho only appears in the first episode or so. He also appears in flashbacks and lying in a coma in the hospital, in that case he might not even have been there but photoshopped in or something. He doesn’t even appear at the end! It was why I wasted 8 hours of my life after all, to see him again at the end. But no, he does not appear, not happy!

Also I have no idea what Suzy’s character’s purpose was at all.

Conclusion: I would describe this drama as “a bit artsy”. There were obvious parallels and themes in it. What I’m going to say next is from what I’ve read which is why I stopped watching. There’s no definite ending, all that is shown is a man holding an umbrella and you don’t know whether it’s the fiancée, the student still in the fiancée’s body or the student as himself. While I’m not a hater all of undefined endings, how can we not even know if he gets back into his own body even if she can’t decide between men, of whomever she chooses would have a whole heap of problems to contend with occur and if these “Hong sisters” wanted to go down a non-artsy route that would’ve filled lots of drama time that was otherwise wasted.


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