Lee Jong-suk

D.O.B.: 14 Sept 1989     Age: 28

Height: 186cm / 6’1

He started his career as a model at 15 years of age in 2005.

His character in Hick Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged is the one who made famous “Bbuing Bbuing~”.

One of my most loved actors. He does play the type of characters I like –  teasing, but not brutish, (School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger) or snarky (Secret Garden, Pinocchio). But he portrays the characteristics and expressions of those characters amazingly.

It’s cute how different he is on variety shows compared to his characters. He’s so quiet and shy in real life.

He has a real life bromance with fellow model turned actor of the same age, Kim Woo-bin, it’s the cutest thing. Watch School 2013, Running Man and anything else you find of them together such as School 2013’s special.

  • Prosecutor Princess (2010) – Lawyer that’s more interested in fashion. Lee Woo-hyun, minor role as assistant. Completely unnoticeable in it
  • Secret Garden (2010) – A stuntwoman and CEO swap bodies when it rains. Minor role as a sexy, surly, talented young composer. Shot him to fame
  • High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011) – Household daily sitcom. The name of this drama is cute. May watch but so many episodes
  • When I Was The Prettiest (2012) – While nursing his sick girlfriend in hospital he meets a woman. 1ep. May or may not watch. Pictures look cute but don’t like the concept. Guessing it’ll have a sad ending, death or break up
  • School 2013 (2012) as titled. Student Go Nam-soon. Cemented him as a leading man. Most loved bromance. Lee Jong-suk & Kim Woo-bin ♥
  • I Hear Your Voice (2013) – Student Park Soo-ha. Can read minds. Meets childhood love again when she’s a lawyer. So cute and devoted. Loved them together
  • Potato Star 2013QR3 (2013) – Sitcom. 120 eps. cameo ep.15
  • Doctor Stranger (2014) – Genius heart surgeon Park Hoon returns from North Korea looking for his girlfriend. First drama of him I watched. Fell in love
  • Pinocchio (2014) – Ki Ha-myung adopted as Choi Dal-po. Lives with a girl that has “Pinocchio syndrome”. Trying to become reporters. Pinocchio is a fictional syndrome that causes one to hiccup when lying thus revealing the lie. Overall a great drama
  • W – Two Worlds (2016) – A doctor stumbles into her father’s webtoon starring Kang Chul. Great drama
  • Gogh, The Starry Night (2016) cameo as Song Dae-ki. ep.5
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) cameo
  • First Seven Kisses (2016) web-drama. ep.6-7
    • Female shop employee who’s never been kissed
    • AKA giant Lotte Duty Free ad with top male stars
  • While You Were Sleeping (2017) – Prosecutor Jung Jae-chan does everything to prevent a woman’s dreams from coming true
  • Jade Lover (20-?) – Korean/Chinese drama

High Kick’s “Bbuing Bbuing~” as Ahn Jong-seok
  • Sympathy (2009) Short film.
  • Be With Me (2010) Ghost can’t forget her first love. Horror. Minor role.
  • As One (2012) Based on real events in 1991. Korean unification of table tennis team to compete in world championships. Will watch for him one day.
  • R2B: Return to Base (2012) Starring Rain as an air force pilot. Watched 10mins.
  • The Face Reader (2013) hist. The belief of foretelling through one’s facial features. Watched about 15mins.
  • No Breathing (2013) Seo In-guk. Yuri (SNSD). Swimming and love rivals. Watched 80%.
  • Lock&Lock Astrology (2013) Romantic traits of each star sign.
  • Hot Young Bloods (2014) Leading man. Rural town 1982. Love square between gang leaders, a womaniser and a new Seoul transfer student. Rather cute.
  • VIP (2017) – The son of a high-ranking North Korean official is suspected of being aan international serial murderer.
I Hear Your Voice (2013) as Park Soo-ha
Variety Shows:
  • Happy Together – 245, 260 (2012)
  • Running Man – 138 School 2013 with Kim Woo-bin ♥ (2013), 181 Hot Young Bloods (2014) super cute, has a secret mission to do couple actions without anyone else noticing.
  • Strong Heart – 63-64 Secret Garden (2010), 131-132 (2012)

Doctor Stranger (2014) as Park Hoon, one of the few guys I like in a singlet.

The drama I like him the best in is Doctor Stranger but this may be because it’s the one that made me first love him. This is followed by School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice then Pinocchio. In these dramas he has plays fairly similar characters, super cute.

If I couldn’t skip parts like I do I would actually order my preferences differently. First would be Pinocchio then School 2013, Doctor Stranger, I Hear Your Voice. This order is dependent on how much I like and are willing to watch the other characters and scenes, especially bad guy ones.

Surprisingly I don’t have a preference with which woman I would prefer him to be with. Each woman is cute with each of his characters. Possibly the bromance between him and Kim Woo Bin, not even just in School 2013 but elsewhere too such as in Running Man episode 138. However because of the characters/dramas, I ship him with:

  1. Song Jae-hee (Doctor Stranger) super cute ♥ ♥
  2. Jang Hye-sung (I Hear Your Voice) so sweet ♥
  3. Oh Soo-hyun (Doctor Stranger 2nd female lead)
  4. Song Ha-Gyeong (School 2013)
  5. Krystal (High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged) they play siblings but the gifs are so cute
  6. Choi In-na (Pinocchio) Park Shin-hye never moves me emotionally

Prosecutor Princess was technically the first drama I watched him in butlee jong suk pp this was before I really got into k-dramas, while I was on holiday overseas it happened to be on TV. He’s completely unnoticeable in it though, even when I did know he was there. The camera hardly shows the front of him, especially his face. His character has no personality to it too, he’s just there.

I like him in Secret Garden but I probably wouldn’t have remembered him if I didn’t already know him because I tend to only pay attention to the main characters. I watched it after watching him in Strong Heart for Secret Garden so I knew his lines and role beforehand. He didn’t appear enough for me to have the impressions he got famous for. Perhaps I’m slow. Maybe I just wanted more of him. The person that the writers decided on him liking was interesting, considering the stigma against gays in Korea still. However I’m not sure if I could see it. It certainly explained his actions but I just don’t see what he sees in the guy. Maybe because I just don’t like the guy in general. Also I don’t like it when the eyebrow colour doesn’t match the hair, it’s so weird! Still sexy though.


Loved him in School 2013. It was a great drama, sure, but absolutely loved him. He’s such a lazy, loveable student. He’s super cool because he can fight, sad, but so cool. I watch romance but love fight scenes. Just talking about it makes me want to watch it again.His character is really interesting. At first he gives off the impression of not caring about anything but then he goes to school for fun, makes friends with the downtrodden, really loves his teacher and of course Kim Woo-bin ♥.  The third picture below is such a memorable scene.

  Image result for school 2013

He’s super cute in I Hear Your Voice. There’s the scene where he helps his classmate who’s being bullied fight scene ♥, when he’s happy to find his love, the disappointment when he realises she’s changed, the teasing scenes like when she needs him to fight off some guys, the disappointment in realising females aren’t polite and pristine princesses. I also want to watch this drama again just thinking about it.

 ihear ur voice park so ha

He’s cute but more than that, he’s cool in Doctor Stranger. He has really cute expressions. He’s an amazing surgeon. He’s cheeky. He’s happy. He’s dedicated to the patients, his father and his girlfriend. 

park hoon dr park hoon 5 park hoon 2 park hoon 4

In this drama he has a few different hairstyles. Probably representing different parts of his life. The one I like the most is the one as a doctor in North Korea, when he was doing evil things. However the permed one is the one I remember him as and it stands out. Although a lot of people think it’s weird, and I agree, but I like it because it matches his personality.

park hoon 1 park hoon park hoon 3 park-hoon-lee-ong-suk-doa-dap-nat-tay-truoc-mat-nguoi-yeu

Pinocchio is a really great drama. Lee Jong-suk is charming but if it was the first drama I saw him in I don’t think he would’ve captured me as much.The drama is more story focused than character focused and he starts off the drama wearing such an ugly, comical wig. His character’s personality is also a bit less attractive. There’s less teasing and more serious pushing-and-pulling. He also has a few traits which are less desirable, such as snapping at Park Shin-hye’s character or pulling back from her. He is still loveable, just less so in comparison to his other characters. This might also be due to Park Shin-hye not pulling her weight, she never does in my eyes, I don’t have any real problems with her but she’s never struck my heart.

pinocchio 4 pinno 2 pinno glasses pinno

The good thing about looking bad then suddenly getting a makeover is the change really makes him look even more attractive than normal, leading to Park Shin-hye’s character being so shocked. That scene and their first kiss scene are the most memorable.

pinocchio-16-lee-jong-suk-final       pinocchio13 2       pinocchio13-00703

I was on Lee Jong-suk fangirl mode when I started No Breathing so it was hard to see him losing to Seo In-guk whom I like now but he’s just not as attractive as Lee Jong-suk. So I never finished the movie. I might now that I like Seo In-guk too. The best bit about swimming movies are the topless scenes after all, and now I can enjoy two peoples.


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