Doctor Stranger

About: Park Hoon and his doctor father were sent to North Korea when he was a child. There he met Song Jae-hee and fell in love. They trained to be doctors together then tried to flee to South Korea but lost contact. He starts working at a hospital as a genius thoracic surgeon while looking for her.

  • Lee Jong-suk as Park Hoon
    • Goo Seung-hyun as young Park Hoon also played young version in I Hear Your Voice
  • Jin Se-yeon as Song Jae-hee / Han Seung-hee
  • Kang So-ra as Oh Soo-hyun
  • Park Hae-jin as Han Jae-joon / Lee Sung-hoon

Genre: Medical / Romance

No of eps: 20          Release date: 5 May 2014

Rating: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡    ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡  they look like stitches don’t they?

Recommended: If you like Lee Jong-suk, medical, romance & don’t mind surgical gore although I got over that about four episodes in.

Reasons for watching: Friend’s recommendation. This was the fifth or so drama I watched when I started really getting into Korean dramas last year.

Reasons to keep watching: Lee Jong-suk, hoping beyond hope he would be with the woman I was rooting for.

Re-watch: I have watched it 4.5 times, sort of, I skipped a lot of bad guy parts the first time around and even more the second time.Image result for doctor stranger

Supporting Characters:
  • Yoon Bora (SISTAR) as Lee Chang-yi
  • Park Hae-joon as Cha Jin-soo North Korean bad guy
  • Choi Jung-woo as Dr Moon Hyung-wook hired Hoon
  • Chun Ho-jin as Premier Jang Seok-joo
  • Han Eun-sun as Eun Min-se really pretty anesthesiologist ♥
  • Kim Sang-ho as Dr Yang Jeong-han chubby with hair like a clown
  • Jung In-gi as Kim Tae-sool lollypop bodyguard
  • Jung Hye-in as nurse ep.3 (maybe more) Just realised she’s the young version of Chae Young-shin’s mother in Healer! Her mixed appearance stands out!

dr stranger park hoon   

Gush time: Lee Jong-suk is possibly my favourite actor, it helps that the characters he plays are my type, but he pulls them off so well. All the faces he makes, gestures, sounds, even his strut ♥ I’m an absolute fangirl over him. This was the first drama I watched with him in it and I’ve followed him ever since. I love his round hipster glasses, super cute in them.

This is also the first drama I saw Jin Se-yeon in. Although I wouldn’t follow her career I do think she’s really pretty, especially her smile, it really makes me happy. When Park Hoon was asked why he loved Jae-hee and he replied with her smile I agreed wholeheartedly. I usually hate the permed bob haircut like the one she has for most of the drama but even with it I thought she was prettier than Kang So-ra.

I preferred Song Jae-hee over Han Seung-hee. Jae-hee is so cute and innocent still, whereas the reason I got worried that Park Hoon may end up with Soo-hyun was because Seung-hee seemed to have lost her cute innocence. Oh Soo-hyun was more like Jae-hee than Seung-hee and that would fit in more with Hoon’s type.


I really loved Hoon and Jae-hee as a couple, their best interactions were when they were in North Korea and could still be themselves. It’s so cute how Jae-hee is the boss and teases Hoon but then she would smile and all is ok. It’s adorable how much Hoon is absolutely infatuated with her and tries so hard for her. One of the best aspects of this drama is how Park Hoon never wavered from Jae-hee. Even though he did have a few perhaps too flirty, especially for Koreans, moments with Oh Soo-hyun as a viewer it could still be seen that he was just playing around and teasing as friends. All romantic feelings were purely from Soo-hyun’s side and none from Hoon. The biggest problem with love triangles is when one party is wavering between the others or even if the heart is not wavering, they still let the one who one-sidedly likes them hit on them. Thankfully none of that happened here, no matter how hard Soo-hyun tried.


I liked Oh Soo-hyun as a character even though I did find it weird how easily she switched from one man to another. I assume that her feelings for Han Jae-joon were just very light to begin with. I did really like her as the other woman in the love square but not as the main woman. If she did end up with Park Hoon in the end I wouldn’t have liked this drama nearly as much.

I like Park Hye-jin. His character was a tad strange but I do like him. More than anything I pitied Han Jae-Joon, to realise he loved Soo-hyun as she was falling for someone else. Even though I did root for them as a couple, it was more so that Hoon and Jae-hee could be together. I couldn’t really see them together personality wise. They were barely shown as an actual couple though so who knows.


Rant time: The bad guy parts were a bit D: bad guyish. I didn’t watch them really.

The “Hoon-a” video that was taken when Jae-hee was in a concentration camp was both annoying and absurd. Why is there a video recording device in a concentration camp and even if there was why was it filming Jae-hee in particular and how did it even manage to get into Park Hoon’s hands unless it was planted. It was planted, I’m quite sure, but didn’t Park Hoon ever wonder that? Perhaps he was too enamoured to think about such things.

The bodyguard lollypop guy was a bit weird, so much loyalty just for some kid that gave him a lollypop. In a sense it could be said that because a boy gave him a lollypop he thought the boy was a good boy and deserves to be looked after, but really?

What was the whole mother thing about? How weak minded must she be to go crazy for losing her son, it’s not going to be very helpful for finding her son is it? It was such a contrast to her mindset at the start of the drama. Where was her new husband in this whole thing? Did he think she was missing/dead because the bad guys tricked him or did he just not care for 20 years? Even though in the end it’s good he was reunited with his mother, really, what about her husband?


How do they keep surviving jumping off bridges without resurfacing? How is that even possible? With gunshot wounds too. Are the rivers meant to have a super strong current that just whisks them downstream before anyone can search for them? The first river is rather large so that one may make more sense but she was injured! How and why do the bad guys find her first when it’s not even their country? Where do they get the manpower and equipment compared to the good guys? Did the good guys just not care or were the bad guys lucky? Then the second river was so small how could they not be found? Do the other characters really just stand there waiting for them to resurface as was shown? Surely there was searching off screen wasn’t there? Diving for the dead bodies at least? Ah, I don’t know, I shall just ignore this absurdity.

I’m not sure whether the North’s plans are too intricate for me to fully comprehend or it’s not thought out well enough. The plan was to get Jae-hee on the team that operates on the president so she can kill the president when he’s supposed to be recovering from surgery. They knew that Hoon was an amazing doctor so they thought he was likely to operate on the president. Did they really think that Hoon wouldn’t know she’s Jae-hee? If she got so much surgery why didn’t she get plastic surgery? I understand they wanted to utilise their love for each other as a threat but did they really think the plan would work? There were so many variables. Also, how did they even end up working for the vice president and why? Did the vice president just want to be able to rule the country even if he’s the North’s strings? Would he even have a country to rule if the North takes over?


Why was the president so mean? He didn’t protect Hoon or Jae-hee at all. He’s the president, even if inwardly he thinks different but he gets voted in so outwardly he’s supposed to be a good person. They could’ve told people that he’s evil or was his plan to let them die at the North’s hands so no one would find out, maybe that was it. How can he be so sure that no one would find out though?

I’m not sure whether Park Hoon works as a doctor in a small clinic to be in hiding or because he wants to, if I remember correctly it’s the former. It’s good that he’s helping the ones in the countryside that don’t have access/money for top medical facilities and that of all doctors Park Hoon is especially trained for such conditions, also that it is what his father did and wanted for him. Even so I’m still sad that he can’t showcase his brilliance.

Conclusion: Wonderful! Amazing! I love you Lee Jong-suk! He stayed completely loyal to the woman, the characters were all united, happy endings everywhere!


huh… the kisses are opposite in terms of head tilting and hands…

Turns out when the camera spins around in the kiss scenes, both the camera itself and the actors spin [on a round plate] in opposite directions.


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