• Lee Jong-suk as Choi Dal-po / Ki Ha-myung
  • Park Shin-hye as Choi In-ha, Dal-po’s niece
  • Kim Young-kwang as Seo Beom-jo, In-ha’s co-worker
  • Lee Yu-bi as Yoon Yoo-rae, Dal-po’s co-worker

About: Ki Ho-sang, captain of a firefighter squad, disappeared after a factory explosion that killed everyone inside. When his family is hounded by reporters, the older son disappears and his wife suicides with the younger son. Ki Ha-myung, the younger son, gets fished out of the ocean by an old man who mistakes Ha-myung as his eldest son, Choi Dal-po, who died 30 years ago. He gets adopted by the old man who lives with his son and granddaughter. So Ki Ha-myung, now Choi Dal-po, and Choi In-ha live together as uncle and niece of the same age. Choi In-ha has Pinocchio syndrome (not real), whenever she lies, she hiccups.

Genre: Romance / Family / Comedy

No of eps: 20          Release date: 12 Nov 2014

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤     ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ 

Recommended: If you like mystery, romance, comedy, or just TV

Reasons for watching: Lee Jong-suk

Reasons to keep watching: Everything! Lee Jong-suk, the story, the romance, Yoon Kyun-sang, Lee Joo-seung

Re-watched: Yes, I have and probably will again.

That hair, that pose, lol
Supporting cast:
  • Yoon Kyun-sang as Ki Jae-myung, Ki Ha-myung’s brother
  • Lee Joo-seung as Ahn Chan-soo, classmate turned policeman
  • Lee Pil-mo as Hwang Gyo-dong, Dal-po’s chief
  • Lee Bo-young as Hye-sung car navigation (voice, ep.3) ♥ I Hear Your Voice ♥
  • Kim Heechul (Super Junior) as Yoo-rae’s cellphone wallpaper (photo, ep.8)
  • Bae Suzy (Miss A) as Beom-jo’s blind date prospect (photo, ep.12)
  • Lee Joon (MBLAQ, former) as Fama, idol singer investigated for propofol use (ep.19)
  • Kangnam (M.I.B.) as Cha-ok’s student (ep.20)

Gush time: I was a bit worried before watching the drama about how the story was going to play out. I love Lee Jong-suk and he’s an amazing actor but Park Shin-hye made me a bit apprehensive. I don’t like her as an actress, mainly because her kisses don’t deliver, also she has a lot of blank stares and pouts. I won’t refuse to watch a drama because of her though, she’s not that bad. However although I’m not about to praise her she did step up her game. I still need more oomph in the kisses but she’s getting there, very, very slowly.

The first few episodes set up the rest of the drama really well. Sometimes the early episodes give away too much information or the younger characters don’t match the older versions and not in a ‘they’ve changed’ way. It made me really anticipate the present day episodes and was questioning where is this going, what is going to happen, how are they going to transition to the present day setting. I very quickly fell in love with all the characters and really felt for them and their circumstances.

The side characters I loved initially were Ki Jae-myung (the brother) and Ahn Chan-soo (the policeman). At first, they were just cute. As the story played out though they actually became important loveable characters and they are so adorable. Just look at those dimples and chubby cheeks. But by the end of the series I came to love everyone anyway. I think School 2013 is the only other drama where I’ve felt this way.


On the topic of other characters I totally did not see the chief coming to like Yoon Yoo-rae as plausible. I wonder if they will actually get together. I really can’t see it happening. He’s just so old and the boss and she’s so quirky and not even in a cute way… to me. A few other characters got together at the end of the series which blind-sided me too. They’re adorable though, in their comedic side character ways.

I was so relieved when the brother turned out to be such a good, moral guy. I was really worried for him. Especially because he’s cute. Then I was worried that Dal-po would betray him in someway even though I’d be more annoyed if Dal-po became corrupt in any way even if it’s for his brother.

Conclusion: The ending of this drama was amazing. I was really on the edge of my seat worried how it was going to go. I had feels for all characters and I really had no idea how I was going to be satisfied but the writers were good to me and smarter than me. They thought out a way. I’m also really glad that the drama kept it’s flow the same throughout. There was no rushing or dragging of the plot and the serious/comedic sides were very well paced. Really these attributes are so important it’s sad when it becomes forced.

They are so adorable and beautiful as a couple, just look at them. I want my wedding photos to be like these.


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