Song Jae-rim

D.O.B.: 18 February 1985    Age: 32

Height: 180cm / 5’11”

Known for: We Got Married 19+ couple with Kim So-eun.

Model turned actor.

I’ve only seen him in variety shows, he’s so cute.

Notable Roles:
  • Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) as Chae Woon, a loyal bodyguard
  • Two Weeks (2013) as Mr. Kim, an assassin
Variety Shows:
  • Running Man (2014) 220. So cute, needed more screen time.
  • Saturday Night Live (2014) ep.32 host
  • We Got Married (2014-2015) S.4 130-186. Cute, greasily suave but cute.
  • Happy Together (2015) ep.387
  • House Cook Master Baek (2015)

  • Daemul (2010)
  • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)
  • Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) Loyal bodyguard of the king
  • Nail Shop Paris (2013)
  • Fantasy Tower (2013)
  • Two Weeks (2013)
  • Inspiring Generation (2014)
  • Big Man (2014) cameo
  • Secret Love (2014) Ep.1-2 “Missing You”
  • The Idle Mermaid (2014) Mermaid fell in love with him. Turns herself human and tries to win his love.
  • Unkind Ladies (2015) Three generations of women in the family. Part of a love triangle.
  • Goodbye Mr. Black (2016) A navy seal is betrayed and denounced a traitor. Returns with a fake identity and fake wife for revenge. ASeo Woo-jin
  • Thumping Spike (2016)
  • Our Gap-soon (2016)
    • A rom/com weekend drama
    • He’s finally a main character and with Kim So-eun (WGM wife) of all people!
  • Actresses (2009)
  • Grand Prix (2010)
  • Give Me Back My Cat (2012) short film
  • The Suspect (2013) Spies. North Korea
  • Tunnel 3D (2014) Horror. Friends.


Memorable Scene:

I think it was on We Got Married, if not then Running Man, he was wearing a white shirt, the view was from the side with his upper arm tattoo and when he flexed the tattoo moved so it emphasized his arm muscles. I really like his body on We Got Married, the perfect amount of buffness and manliness.

I’m really bad at facial recognition. I can not match him with long hair and with short hair. It’s also because he gained cheeks but I can’t see them as the same person. Before he was not my type at all and now he is it’s so weird how that can happen in just a few years. He looks younger now than he used to. Such a sleazy look in the second picture below.


I like his looks now. Its scary how in the dramas he’s famous for he was 59kg at 180cm! I’m so glad he’s normal sized now and he looks much better and healthier. He wasn’t actually on an extreme diet before was he? He looked like it. But from a few articles I’ve read it sounds like he’s had to defend his weight gain… surely not right… I know that baby faces are my type and some people prefer the real manly type but he looks, and probably was, starving back then! He said that at his age its hard to maintain the weight he had in his 20’s with three meals a day. I don’t know what to make of that. Were his meals actually meals? Did he run a marathon everyday to make sure he didn’t gain fat or muscle? Now he’s quite buff (I like, especially his arms) so he’s clearly an avid gym goer but how was he so skinny just a few years ago? I would say he switched from running marathons to bulking and eating like a normal person.


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