Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

About: Han Tae-yang tries to fulfill his dream of owning the best vegetable store. He falls in love with Mok Ga-on while not knowing she’s his first love. Based on a book about the real-life story of a man who turned a small vegetable store into a franchise.


  • Ji Chang-wook as Han Tae-yang, orphan
  • Wang Ji-hye as Mok Ga-on / Jin Jin-shim, orphan pretending to be her dead rich friend
  • Kim Young-kwang as Lee Seul-woo, love rival
  • Park Soo-jin as Jung Dan-bi, Seul-woo’s ex-girlfriend
  • Shin Won-ho as Lee Chan-sol, a bachelor
  • Lee Kwang-soo as Nam Yoo-bong, a bachelor

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Melodrama

No of eps: 24          Release date: 21 Dec 2011

Rating: 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽 even with loves Ji Chang-wook + Shin Won-ho & liking the female lead, it was just hard to watch

Recommended: If you like cute budding romances with melodrama twists. Light-hearted – 1/5

Reasons for watching: Ji Chang-wook, Shin Won-ho, sounded interesting, based on real life

Reasons to stop watching at ep.12: I struggled. It was a slow start, it started with a few episodes of them as children and I just wanted to quickly watch Ji Chang-wook. When it reached Ji Chang-wook it was fine but I wasn’t fully captivated, just kept thinking ‘you idiot!’, same with the female lead. I may finish it one day… maybe…


Gush time: I love Ji Chang-wook. He’s cute and charming in this drama. But the drama focuses more on the story which is not a bad thing and his dream than his charm. I started watching the drama after being charmed by him in Healer so because of that it was a bit disappointing. But still, Ji Chang-wook!

Wang Ji-hye is so pretty! She has sharp features for a Korean woman so she’s not the cute type which I’m picky with because they tend to focus more on the cuteness than the character. I really love Mok Ga-on in the drama. She’s a bit silly with her mother obsession, considering how mean the mother is, but it’s completely understandable. I feel sorry for her, even when I’m frustrated.

They are such a cute couple. Loved them together as kids and love them just as much as adults. The dedicated to one’s childhood love always hits my heart strongly. My favourite kind of couple is the bickering type and that’s them. They bicker so lovingly it’s too cute!


Favourite moment: When he would wait for her after work. Super cute, he’s so excited.
I feel really sorry for the father, he seems so nice and like he genuinely loves her, at least when they were young. He’s really nice for an old rich man and not even just to his daughter but also some random guy lying on the floor making a raucous.

Kim Young-kwang has exact same role in Pinocchio. Rich young guy, no job, tycoon mother that adores her son, no father, the other guy in the love triangle. The character in Pinocchio is much nicer and less bratty though. Not that this is a gushing paragraph but I didn’t know where else to put it.

It was so cute when Han Tae-yang was chilling with the other young men and he wanted them to throw out their rubbish. He said “beautiful people leave their places beautiful too”. It spoke to me. I need to use that line on a few people I know. Not that I will, it’s too embarrassing and snobby. But I have told off friends for littering before.


Rant time: It took a few episodes to reach the current time setting. It was good but I had just watched Healer and was just wanting more Ji Chang-wook rather than being stuck into the story.

The mother of the rich girl is horrible. She’s just a gold digger. I can’t believe she forces herself and her daughter to be better than others just because the husband is rich. I understand rich people being stuck-up because they don’t know any better but the mother was poor yet she has no sympathy for other poor people and treats them like trash instead.

The sister of Han Tae-yang annoys me quite a bit. She’s not a bad person but she’s unbelievably selfish. Her brother works so hard to raise her, sacrifices everything for her, and she goes and spends her college money on an outfit. Also, all she wants is to get a rich husband like the evil mother, bad sign right there so she just goes around seducing rich guys then breaking their hearts if they aren’t rich enough. She explains her reasoning behind her mentality but shouldn’t it be slightly different? Shouldn’t her brother have more influence on her mentality? He works so hard, so dedicated, such a nice happy guy then look at the sister.


Biggest flaw: How do they, who saw each other everyday until they were 14, not recognise each other after just nine years, even though they thought about each other constantly since and still had pictures? Did I miss something? Did she get plastic surgery? Surely not or the father would question it. But he certainly didn’t get plastic surgery, he’s too poor. Even with Angel Eyes I found the nonrecognition a bit weird and the girl uses to be blind! Why don’t they know each others names for so long? Its odd not to know for that long. He still doesn’t realise after hearing her friends name as her name. I guess because the friend is supposed to be dead but how can they not recognise each other’s faces? Maybe all Asians look the same to Asians as well.


Conclusion: The story shines, not the characters. Everything was good and by definition, interesting, but I got bored because this one major flaw just kept ringing in my mind that I couldn’t get past. Ji Chang-wook didn’t captivate me in this drama. I want to finish watching, I really do, but it was such a strain to get to where I am I had to take a break even though I just got to the good part. I’ll go watch some other dramas and come back to it… one day.


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