Masked Prosecutor

A.K.A.: The Man in the Mask

About: During the day he’s a rule-following prosecutor, by night a masked vigilante.

  • Joo Sang-wook as Ha Dae-chul, prosecutor/wrestling vigilante below middle
  • Kim Sun-a as Yoo Min-hee, detective below right woman
  • Hwang Sun-hee as Seo Ri-na, prosecutor below left

Genre: Romance / Action / Legal / Comedy

N0 of eps: 16          Release date: 20 May 2015

Rating: 👽 👽 👽

Recommended: If you love romance & like silly humour & don’t have my problems

Reasons for watching: Vigilante, Joo Sang-wook

Reasons to stop watching at ep.6: Actors too old for characters, don’t like wrestling, they started figuring out who the vigilante is already.

Gush time: Hwang Sun-hee is really pretty.

Joo Sang-wook looks so serious but he’s a comedic character in this drama. He did well but it’s weird.

Rant time: I only like cool vigilantes it seems, Ha Dae-chul isn’t cool. I don’t find wrestling cool.

I may have kept watching if I liked Kim Sun-a but I’m quite sure the characters are supposed to be 28-30 years old yet she’s 39. She’s too old for her character. She looks and acts too old. Why did they cast her? Or either of them really.

I wanted to watch this drama to see how the prosecutor would hide his vigilante activities etc. so I stopped watching after he was starting to be figured out already in episode 5.


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