Ma Boy

  • Kim So-hyun as Jang Geu-rim
  • Sun Woong (TOUCH) as Irene / Hyun Woo
  • Min Hoo (EXCITE) as Tae-joon

About: Jang Geu-rim enters a boarding school. She ends up in the same class and room with popular CM star Irene who turns out to be a boy!

Genre: Romance / Comedy / School

No of eps: 3          Release date: 16 Aug 2012

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥

Recommended: If you love cuteness, romance or youth. Only 3 episodes

Reasons for watching: Short, cute and Kim So-hyun.

Reasons to keep watching: So cute. Kim So-hyun and Sun Woong are so cute.

Re-watched: Twice, because I forgot.

Gush time: This. This is how to do a cross-dress. If this Irene was in my school I may believe it. Although it is weird she doesn’t talk, even to teachers. But Sun Woong makes for a very cute girl and acted feminine enough for his masculine character to be believable. However I what can not believe is he was 21 years old! He is so baby-faced! I really thought he was 14-15. He looks more like a girl with short hair below-right.


Rant time: There were a few boring parts, it’s very typical.

Note:  In the first episode Irene is lying on the bed and her male underwear can be seen. Was that on purpose? Shouldn’t Jang Geu-rim notice? If someone cross-dresses should they match their underwear? Isn’t it suspicious if they don’t? Especially since Irene is in a boarding school. Who even does the washing in boarding schools?

The two male leads are part of boy bands. I’ve never heard of either of them so I’m guessing they aren’t very popular but they haven’t disbanded yet. Hmmm….

Conclusion: Cute!


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