You Who Came From the Stars

A.K.A.: My Love From the Star

Starring:[Single] Younha - You Who Came From The Stars OST Part.3
  • Kim Soo-hyun as Do Min-joon, alien
  • Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon Song-yi, top actress
  • Park Hae-jin as Lee Hui-kyung, chaebol
  • Yoo In-na as Yoo Se-mi, actress

About: An alien landed on earth, met a girl and got stuck here. After living a lonely, isolated life for 400 years he meets a girl who looks exactly the same as the one from long ago.

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Fantasy

No of eps: 21          Release date: 18 Dec 2013

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommended: If you like a good story or romance or comedy or dramas

Reasons for watching: Saw the bare shoulder promo after The Heirs

Reasons to keep watching: Kim Soo-hyun. So do they get together? Happily??

Re-watched: Yes. 2.5 times. Had to watch it again after watching Producer. I liked it more the third time.

Remember: MUST watch until the very, very end of the episodes, sometimes there’s little epilogues.

Supporting Characters:
  • Ahn Jae-hyun as Cheon Yoon-jae, Song-yi’s brother
  • Han Eun-sun as makeup artist
  • Lee Yi-kyung as Lee Shin, Park Hae-jin’s brother’s assistant
  • Kim Bo-mi as Min-ah, stylist
  • Bae Suzy as Go Hye-mi (ep.17)
  • Sandara Park as celebrity (ep.21)


My personal opinion on why it had so many viewers was for a few reasons. To start, it was Kim Soo-hyun’s drama after Moon Embracing the Sun which had a peak viewer rating of 42.2% in Korea. He had also just been in of the top grossing movies in the Korean film industry, The Thieves, with movie queen Jun Ji-hyun. Then they coupled up again for this drama! Now that’s rare, and what brilliant fan service… I kind of wish I was caught up in it. Moving on to Jun Ji-hyun who is an A-list Korean actress BUT this was her first drama since 1999! She’s only done movies in between but what a great drama to pick after 14 years. Can you imagine the amount of fans they already had before this drama existed? However the reason that I, and probably most non-Korean drama fans, wanted to watch this drama was because I, like everyone else, was watching The Heirs Lee Min-ho and at the end of it’s episodes a preview of You Who Came From the Stars was played. It was such an intriguing and most importantly sexy preview I had to watch the drama. So I think the drama was lucky it had such star power drawing in fans to start, then it snowballed from there, for good reason.


Gush time: This is the third Korean drama I fully watched and probably the one that really kick started my love for them. When I first saw it, I thought Do Min-joon was kind of cute and Cheon Song-yi was very annoying. But watching it for the third time, I really appreciated the theatrics the characters brought to the drama.

I really like how the main female is the sexy catty type whereas the other female is the sweet, innocent type, it’s usually the other way around. It’s a good change. I think they call the sweet innocent type a Candy girl?

The scene of the little boy confessing outside the manga shop was a reference to The Heirs. So cute. “You… Do I like you?” ♫ cue Lee Hong-ki’s I’m Saying.

Ahn Jae-hyun is so good-looking and sexy. This was his first drama and it brought him instant stardom. What luck. I’ve followed him since.


Rant time: Do Min-joon says he may have liked Cheon Song-yi since he first met her in the elevator. Surely not. He may have found her amusing but surely not. He only was interested in her at first because she looked like the other girl. Only after he began to like her for who she was. Found that part weird.

Nitpicking: Song-yi’s phone was dead so she plugged it into the charger. A minute later she gets a phone call and the phone is no longer attached to the charger.


Conclusion: It’s a great drama. It is a really nice change compared to other dramas, it has great actors, depth, well produced, a great mix of comedy and melo. Kim Soo-hyun doesn’t make my heart flutter but I’m still a fan, just not a fangirl.


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