Seo In-guk

D.O.B.: 23 Oct 1987 Age: 30

Height: 180cm / 5’11

Singer / Actor

Won Superstar K (singing contest) in 2009.

Acting breakthrough in drama Reply 1997 in 2012.

He’s an absolutely brilliant actor. I first saw him in No Breathing but I was in Lee Jong-suk fangirl mode at the time so I didn’t like him because he ‘wasn’t even good looking’. I then saw him in Master’s Sun and even though I hated him at the time, he is such a good actor that I disliked him less. The next thing I saw him in was Reply 1997 which is what I definitely recommend watching, for him, for everyone else, for him.

Near the end of High School: King of Savvy he plays the older brother wearing glasses, that was when I really understood what people meant when they say their ovaries exploded. Hot people do look hotter in glasses but nothing compares to Seo In-guk in glasses.

  • Love Rain (2012)
    • Set in the 70s/2012, over two generations. Yoona (SNSD)
    • Kim Chang-mo (1970s) / Kim Jeon-seol (2012), minor role
  • Reply 1997 (2012)
    • Set in Busan 1997. High school friends
    • Yoon Yoon-jae, first main role
    • Shot him to fame. My top 3 drama. Made me go from disliking him to really liking him. Amazing feat
  • The Sons (2012)
    • A family with three sons. 50 eps
    • Yoo Seung-gi
  • Master’s Sun (2013)
    • A woman who can see ghosts & a prickly CEO
    • Kang Woo, 2nd male lead, head of security
    • Didn’t like him at the time I watched it but he’s such a great actor it diminished that dislike a bit until I saw Reply 1997
  • Reply 1994 (2013) cameo eps.16-17
  • Another Parting (2014) Web drama. 5 eps.
    • Special day a man and woman who meet at the last moment in life
    • Ahn Young-mo 
  • High School: King of Savvy (2014)
    • Lee Min-seok already has to juggle school & hockey when his brother calls & tells him to start at his new job as an IT executive for him. Main role.
    • Everyone but the female lead were great. She really ruined it
    • He is so hot in glasses
  • The King’s Face (2014) hist.
    • Prince Gwanghae, the illegitimate crown prince, hires a face-reading fortuneteller to help him become king. Main role.
    • Doubt I will watch this, it’s historical
  • I Remember You (2015)
    • Lee Hyun/David Lee is a genius profiler. He is sent something that triggers a memory from his childhood. Main role.
    • His acting never fails. Rather minimal romance in this drama
  • Oh My Ghost (2015) cameo as Edward, chef ep.16
  • She Was Pretty (2015) cameo, ep.9
    • A girl who was pretty when she was young is not anymore meets her childhood friend who used to be ugly but now he’s hot
  • Romance Island (2016? 2017?) web drama?? Did this happen? With Kim Ji-won? It’s so hard to find any information and it’s not on Wiki
  • 38 Revenue Collection Unit (2016)
    • Yang Jeong-do is a swindler who is asked to help the Tax Collection Division. Main role
    • Watched a few eps, to finish or not to finish
  • Shopping King Louie (2016)
    • Louis/Kang Ji-sung is a rich shopaholic heir who loses his memory. Main role
    • Need to watch when I’m feeling like a rom/com
  • No Breathing (2013) – Swimming rival with Lee Jong-suk. Before I came to love him, I didn’t like him here because I love Lee Jong-suk but Seo In-guk was the main lead, winning swimming and the girl. Watched 80%
  • I Love That Crazy Little Thing (2016) cameo
Variety Shows:
  • Gag Concert
  • Happy Together 291, (2013) 323 Overnight celebrity special (2014) 374 The King’s Face, (2015) I Remember You
  • Hello Counselor (2013) 146
  • I Live Alone (2013)
  • I’m Seo In-guk (2013?)
  • Law of the Jungle (2015) in Indochina & (2016) in Mongolia
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (2011) 84, 96, 97 wins, (2012) 110, 116, 120, (2013?) 182
  • Mamma Mia 7 Sons Over Flowers special
  • Mari and Me (2015)
  • Running Man (2014) 184 Winter Olympics special
  • Saturday Night Live Korea: How to become Yoon Yoon-jae, Reply 1997
  • Strong Heart 6
  • Taxi (2012) July 19 (2013) ep 271 with Jung Eun-ji
No Breathing (2013)

I feel really sorry for him. On Mamma Mia he was telling the story of how poor they were and his mother went around collecting rubbish for money. Also that he kept getting rejected by companies because he wasn’t skinny enough. He then developed bulimia and damaged his vocal chords. Thankfully only temporarily. But he’s obviously doing very well now and his body is so hot, especially his back.



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