I Hear Your Voice

A.K.A.: I Can Hear Your Voice

  • Lee Jong-suk as Park Soo-ha
    • Goo Seung-hyun as young Park Soo-ha also in Doctor Stranger
  • Lee Bo-young as Lawyer Jang Hye-sung
  • Yoon Sang-hyun as Lawyer Cha Gwan-woo
  • Lee Da-hee as Prosecutor Seo Do-yeon

About: After his father is murdered, Park Soo-ha gains the ability to read minds and falls in love with an older girl who testifies against the murderer. They meet again when he’s in high school and she’s a lawyer but now she’s changed.

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Legal / Comedy / Thriller

N0 of eps: 18         Release date: 5 June 2013

Rating:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ [7/10 + 1/10 for Lee Jong-suk]

Recommended: If you like sweet romances, law, Lee Bo-young or Lee Jong-suk

Reasons to watch: Lee Jong-suk ♥ ♥ ♥

Reasons to keep watching: Lee Jong-suk being sweet ^^

Re-watched: 3.5 times with plenty of skipping, especially in the latter half

Supporting Characters:
  • Kim Ga-eun as Go Sung-bin
  • Park Doo-shik as Kim Choong-ki

Summary of thoughts: I loved it because of Lee Jong-suk. It’s not that I didn’t like anyone else but I don’t think I would have liked it as much if it starred another actor, even if his acting was just as good. I was contemplating rating it a 6/10 + 2/10 but that would be giving Lee Jong-suk a lot of credit based on theories so I didn’t.

These two are very high on my favourite drama couples list. Top 5 for sure. They’re beautiful, sweet and lovely.

I also really love the three main female characters which is an amazing feat. I struggle to even like the female lead usually. The female’s don’t appear enough to carry the drama though. Lee Jong-suk was the clear main character.

However the bad guy aspects really dragged the drama down. He made it flat. He was unreasonable and unreasonably aggressive. It was made worse by the police being so uncaring of the victims. I can understand where the police were coming from but in this case they were so wrong!

Gush Time: Super cute. Park Soo-ha is super cute. His love for Jang Hye-sung is super cute. She’s super cute, in an elegant noona way. She and Seo Do-yeon are so pretty. Lee Da-hee is one of the few actresses that look pretty with that permed bob haircut. Go Sung-bin and Kim Choong-ki are super cute supporting characters and bring a different, uplifting mood to the drama. When Soo-ha appears wearing the suit, as above, just…so hot.

The romance scenes between Park Soo-ha and Jang Hye-sung are so sweet. When they are playing around in her house, their kiss scene in the park as below ♥

I love Park Soo-ha. How he pretends to be clueless in the classroom in the first episode while saving his classmate. How he befriends the mean people and they are no longer mean. How he takes care of them. His dedication to Jang Hye-sung, his disappointment when she realises she has changed is so cute but it doesn’t stop him. When he’s teasing her, especially when she needs him to make the boys who are threatening her to go away.

I am really rooting for Go Sung-bin and Kim Choong-ki to be together, I think it indicated that they might? Also, all the best for Seo Do-yeon, she didn’t have any romantic links in the story but I really liked her. I kept hoping a hot guy will appear for her.

Something I find really interesting is that Lee Jong-suk first rose to fame from Secret Garden and Yoon Sang-hyun was the second male lead in that drama too. So here they are in a drama again and Yoon Sang-hyun is still the second male lead whereas Lee Jong-suk has gone from a minor role to lead role in those 2.5 years.

Rant Time: Evil people are so evil. The bad guy’s vengeful hate on the one who sent him to jail was just stupid, on his part. He committed a crime of course he needs to be punished, its his fault for going to jail not the one who witnesses the crime. I also hate how the police dealt with him when he got out. His victims are scared and freaking out but they kept dismissing it.

However more than the bad guy I hated the woman who cut off her own hand more. She married a man, which I can only assume for love, yet just because they were ‘poor’ she would rather cut off her own hand and frame him for murder. Since she’s lived fine ever since as a single mother why couldn’t she do that without needing to cut off her hand. Actually since she would have two hands she might even be able to get a better job.

I didn’t like Cha Gwan-woo very much. I didn’t have any real problems with his character, he was a bit naive yet hard headed which is hard for me to like in the other guy. I’m not sure if it’s the actor, because I didn’t like him in Secret Garden either, or it just takes a lot for the other guy in the love triangle to impress me. Plus he’s not young or good-looking enough for my tastes.

I know I like to live in the fairy tale world of happily ever after. So when it ends with the voiceover talking about how not being sure if they will stay together even if they are happy now makes me a bit sad.

Biggest flaw: Memory loss. One of my biggest hates of any story is when things are going well only for the character to inexplicably get memory loss and the relationship has to be restarted again. However the memory loss in this story wasn’t as bad. It brought about a lot of cute scenes and none of that aggressive frustration from the one who still remembers. It was cute how Park Soo-ha kept pretending he couldn’t remember when he could and was able to read all of Jang Hye-sung’s cute thoughts about him.


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