High School: King of Savvy

A.K.A.: King of High School Life Conduct

  • Seo In-guk as Lee Min-suk / Lee Hyung-suk
  • Lee Ha-na as Jung Soo-young, temporary worker
  • Lee Soo-hyuk as Yoo Jin-woo, director
  • Lee Yeol-eum as Jung Yoo-ah, classmate, loves Min-suk, Soo-young’s sister

About: A high school hockey player, Lee Min-suk gets a call from his older brother to impersonate him at his new executive job.

Genre: Romance / Workplace / Comedy

N0 of eps: 17         Release date: 16 June 2014

From left: Lee Soo-hyuk, Lee Ha-na, Seo In-guk, Lee Yeol-eum

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Recommended: If you like romance & can stand Lee Ha-na

Reasons for watching: Seo In-guk

Marked down for: Lee Ha-na, by 3! Could’ve been 8/10.

Re-watch: Will watch Seo In-guk’s other dramas instead

Supporting Characters:
  • Lee Joo-seung (Pinocchio policeman) as Ji Dae-han, worker
  • Lee Tae-hwan (Pride and Prejudice) as Oh Tae-seok, classmate
  • Kang Ki-young (Oh My Ghost sous chef) as Jo Deok-hwan, classmate
Such an awks scene! Seo In-guk’s face! ♥ & Lee Soo-hyuk’s ♥

Actually the only problem with this drama is the main actress. Everyone else is really good but I just didn’t like it because of her. It got to the point where I didn’t want to see her at all! The main actress! She was so awkward it became annoying. I hardly watched the drama between episodes 7-14 because of her. I only got into it after episode 14 because that’s when the older brother appears. Seo In-guk is so hot with glasses!

Gush time: Seo In-guk was as good as always. I love his expressions. He’s so hot as the older brother with glasses. He’s in Dramafever’s article “25 Hot Korean Actors who Magically Look Hotter in Glasses” and I can’t agree more, I was not expecting that he’d look so good. I wasn’t sure he’d be able to act as the brother’s kind of character since it requires more subtlety but I had nothing to worry about. It’s so cute seeing the brothers together and some how they made the impression that the older brother is taller. It’s so well done. Two Seo In-guk’s are better than one after all.

♥ ♥ ♥ He’s so hot with glasses ♥ ♥ ♥

There were a lot of new actors that have gotten better roles since. Lee Soo-hyuk, below, is now playing a main lead. He’s really good in this drama but I didn’t watch many of his scenes because they’re mostly with Lee Ha-na urgh. I also didn’t watch any interactions with his mother, don’t like those kinds of story lines.

I’ve seen Lee Yeol-eum, above, in Divorce Lawyer in Love. She’s really cute. She’s still quite young so hopefully she will get lead roles soon. Her character is really annoying in this drama but my liking for her increased the more I disliked Lee Ha-na’s.

Lee Joo-seung, above right, is so cute! I loved him because of Pinocchio but he’s not noticeable in this drama if I didn’t already know he was there.

Bromance is the best! I fangirl squealed only at the second scene below in the drama ♥

Rant time: As everyone else’s appeal increased, Lee Ha-na’s decreased. I could say she’s great at making everyone else shine by being so bad. By episode 7 I was trying to skip every scene she was in, just couldn’t take it any more. It made me really sad actually because I missed a lot of Seo In-guk’s moments and Lee Soo-hyuk’s.

Lee Tae-hwan, below right, is cute in Pride and Prejudice but he doesn’t have a strong presence. He’s not cute in this drama even with Lee Yeol-eum.

Normally I love weddings but it’s actually quite odd that this drama contains one. Was not feeling it. At all. Even worse was the actual wedding itself. It was so rushed, not just the wedding but the squeezing it into the episode.The best part was Lee Soo-hyuk’s appearance. Bromance! Also he proposes with a giant bag of popcorn. What even. I totally forgot about the whole popcorn lady by this point.

Conclusion: Great actors in this drama but even they can’t win me over in scenes with Lee Ha-na and that’s a lot of scenes. Overall she just killed it for me. I missed a lot of great moments being distracted by her weird faces and body movements or just skipping it altogether when I couldn’t take it anymore.


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