Who Are You: School 2015


  • Kim So-hyun as Lee Eun-bi / Go Eun-byul
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as Han Yi-an
  • Yook Sung-jae as Gong Tae-kwang
  • Lee Pil-mo as Kim Joon-seok, teacher

About: Twins separated at birth. Eun-bi lives in an orphanage and is bullied at school. Eun-byul is adopted and popular at her school, only she knows of her twin. One day she disappears while Eun-bi attempts to suicide and loses her memory. Eun-bi is mistaken as Eun-byul so she starts living as her.

Genre: School / Romance / Teen

N0 of eps: 16           Release date: 27 April 2015

Rating: ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿   because Yook Sung-jae, otherwise 1/10 out of anger

Recommended: If you like romance, school, mystery dramas & Yook Sung-jae

Reasons for watching: School 2013 sequel, Kim So-hyun

Reasons to keep watching: Yook Sung-jae, Eun-byul

Re-watch: Sadly not, only watched Yook Sung-jae’s parts the first time past ep. 5. It’s fine as a stand alone I suppose but has failed the School series.

Supporting Characters:
  • Lee Pil-mo as teacher Kim Joon-seok
  • Park Doo-shik as Kwon Ki-tae

So disappointed. I’ve been excited for this drama for months! I feel like all my dreams have come crashing down. Basically it’s an alright drama on it’s own, if crazy. But as a follow up to School 2013 it’s terrible. It’s just a romance drama that’s set in school, not a school focused drama.

Kim So-hyun is adorable but Eun-bi is very poorly written. She’s practically an empty shell, there’s no depth to her. She gets thrown into situations and other people save her. In the end she just slightly becomes like her sister. But then she’s just a copy of her sister, where is she? What ‘Who Are You’, she never found herself at all she was just inserted into Eun-byul’s life and Eun-byul was conveniently sent away. Eun-byul, on the other hand, had personality and So-hyun was so cute as her.

Nam Joo-hyuk plays the leading man and he’s just not up to scratch. I don’t know why he got famous and why he was casted but he did not play a leading man. The writers didn’t do a good job with his character and events either. He just became a side character that had lots of screen time and got the girl, somehow. I would honestly be disappointed if this lead him to greater roles/more fame. (Update: He’s going to be in Weightlifting Fairy etc. I would’ve wanted to watch it if it weren’t for him. Update after watching Weightlifting Fairy: He’s a good actor and very much is eye candy. He’s not quite at the top level but enough to be the main lead. His failure in School 2015 stems from not being able to bring out a poorly written character.)

Actually the start of this drama is very similar to the manga Arisa by Ando Natsumi. That’s about twins with divorced parents and they each live with one parent. One twin attempts to suicide and ends up in a coma so the other secretly takes her place to find out why. That’s story, not romance, focused, as it should be. As this drama should be!

Gush time: Yook Sung-jae was brilliant. It made everyone root for him but he was the second leading man. He had more of an emotional connection in both his life and his moments with Kim So-hyun’s character. So it really made me sad that he didn’t get the girl. Prior to this drama I had a slight interest in him after watching a recent episode of A Song For You.(He’s now developed his hosting character.) He was so cute but I didn’t know about his acting skills. Now I am very interested, he’s adorable. It helps that his drama character is similar to his variety character but he can do emotional scenes too.

Rant time: It started with interviews of the characters for a teeny bit then that part disappeared. When would the characters have even done the interviews? And why? And she was interviewed at the orphanage… why? Who is interested in an orphan girl? I got the impression that the interviews were done after the story in the drama but there were no connections later on. Just don’t understand. At all.

Five episodes in I got a bad feeling so I read the summary of the last episode, and following comments.

The comments are mostly about how Yook Sung-jae carried the drama, apart from Kim So-hyun. That Nam Joo-hyuk is too much of a rookie to be a leading man. Who casted him and why? That the romance could not be felt between Kim So-hyun’s and Nam Joo-hyuk’s characters. That Yook Sung-jae had more screen time even though he’s the 2nd leading role for higher ratings. Maybe because of his fans/drama fans but regardless he, an idol, is the BETTER actor.

I knew before watching this drama that Nam Joo-hyuk was the leading man and that if there was romance, it would be him getting the girl. Just look at the drama poster! [top most photo] So why does Wikipedia put Sung-jae as the leading man? That annoys me so much. The question was which girl since Kim So-hyun plays both. The drama poster shows Joo-hyuk holding So-hyun’s hand while Sung-jae is following behind. Since Eun-bi is the main girl, it is more likely for her to end up with Han Yi-an and that although I was bias towards Yook Sung-jae, he was the second lead so I had prepared myself for that.

However when I started watching the drama it emphasised how much Han Yi-an loved Eun-byul so I thought ‘OK, if this is romance (wasn’t sure yet) maybe Han Yi-an will end up with Eun-byul and Gong Tae-kwang will be with Eun-bi, that will work out brilliantly.’ As I kept watching, Tae-kwang had the characteristics of potential lover. He was in the background looking at Eun-bi, observing her, noticing her mood changes, helping her and they seemed to understand each other.

On the other hand, Yi-an was totally in love with Eun-byul despite her faults and got jealous of Tae-kwang with Eun-bi (as Eun-byul). Eun-bi did seem really happy and friendly with Yi-an but I thought she only saw him as a friend/her sister’s guy. That despite her reaching out to Yi-an in a friendly manner, she still only talked about the important emotional things with Tae-kwang. I thought it was because this was the School series and it was more realistic that she would trust Yi-an more now, being her sister’s friend, and as her interactions with Tae-kwang increased she would slowly rely on him more.

I found it strange that Yi-an picked up her school bag from Tae-kwang. I thought that maybe Yi-an said something to convince her, although why you would let some guy go out of his way to pick up your bag instead of doing it yourself I don’t know. It was a weird scene for Eun-bi. I understand, after reading the end, that the writers needed scenes to show the growing romance between Yi-an and Eun-bi but that was SO unnatural. For a main character her view point and emotions weren’t shown at all, only the two guys. Really, this is a drama about two guys fighting over a girl and not Eun-bi’s life.

She said so herself that she turns to Tae-kwang because he doesn’t know Eun-byul so she can be herself. But why then glue herself to Yi-an who, out of everyone, knows and loves Eun-byul the most. It makes no sense. Even if someone’s nice to you would you be attracted to someone who is doing it all thinking you’re the girl he loves and not for you yourself? She keeps lifting the medal thinking of Yi-an’s promise to Eun-byul, doesn’t she realise that? His promise is not to her but her sister. Yet that is one of the moments that made her attracted to him, why!? In ep.6 Yi-an just chokes Tae-kwang for nothing! I though Yi-an was meant to be a nice guy. I was just starting to support him. Sure, he makes her happy but no idea why. I don’t even know how she got interested in him in the first place.

There are dramas where the 2nd lead gets heaps of screen time but those are when the female liked the first lead from the start of the drama. But this isn’t one of those, she met them around the same time, neither were romantic impressions. The only reason I have the impression of Yi-an being the first lead is because his scenes are shown first. It’s not from her point of view, but the producers.

The drama contains two double wrist grabs. At least the second time she shook them off and said “No, I’ll go alone” I guess her character did develop a bit but she just became more like her sister.

♥ Sung-jae is such a good actor, can really feel the sadness even out of context ♥

Why doesn’t she turn to her friends? I get that she thinks of Tae-kwang as her friend rather than romantically, but why!? Not that she can’t but why would she pick Yi-an over him!? Anyway more than romance, friends are the most important aspect of school yet there’s none of that here! The closest is the friend zone of Tae-kwang! She has no friends, doesn’t try to make friends, doesn’t put any trust into her sister’s friends. There’s no real friendship storyline. It’s not that it doesn’t exist but it’s not enough for a story meant to be about school.

It’s so strange. The mother calls Eun-bi ‘Eun-byul’, even in private. Eun-bi has literally just replaced Eun-byul. There is no distinction with the mother until Eun-byul comes back and she’s forced to do so.

What happened to Eun-byul in the time she disappeared? Where did she stay? How did she eat? What did she do? We already know she wasn’t with her friends. Is it just because I skipped parts of the drama or did the writers just ignore all this? This is a massive concern. This drama is about concerns. Why is this not addressed?

What does it mean when Eun-byul says she found something to study? She’s first year high school, isn’t she just meant to study general stuff? And why must it be overseas? In high school? If anything she should do that after high school. Actually shouldn’t she want to spend time with her sister and get to know her? Why does she just up and leave without caring much about her family and friends?

What’s super weird is that Eun-bi and Eun-byul somehow know Eun-byul is the older one and is called unni. Did I miss something or are the writers that stupid?

I thought they went to a prestigious school, isn’t everyone rich? But Yi-an is not. I suppose he got in on a sports scholarship. This was never mentioned though, aren’t these things usually mentioned? Maybe I just skipped it…

Conclusion: Just disappointed. My love for Yook Sung-jae grew. But just so disappointed. To be honest reading the all the hate comments at episode 5 probably made me hate this drama more than I would have because I watched the rest of the drama with hate instead of being more neutral and simply enjoying it. To quote the drama Divorce Lawyer in Love, ‘Seeing people with hate makes you hate them, try viewing them with love and you will love them,’ or something like that. Too late though. However I would like to think I still would have hated those aspects, if not as much.


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