Park Shin-hye

D.O.B.: 18 Feb 1990 Age: 27

Height: 168cm / 5’6

Former Child Actress… She’s been playing high schoolers for 13 years now.

Start to fame: Younger version of Han Jung-suh in Stairway to Heaven (2003) at 13 years old.

I don’t like Park Shin-hye, mainly for her kiss scenes, but it’s not to the point where I wouldn’t watch a drama because of her, thankfully. She’s in so many dramas. I do sigh a bit though, knowing she’s the main actress… (24/10/16) I think I can now say she’s improving! With Pinocchio and now Doctors! Phew, imagine all the future dramas I would cringe over.

I’ll throw in a compliment, her relationships with other characters look genuine so she is a good actress.

Image result for doctors  drama kiss

Doctors (2016)
Dramas as lead actress:
  • Tree of Heaven (2006)
    • When Hana‘s mother decides to remarry she reaches out to her odd stepbrother-to-be but when they start to get too close she leaves, not wanting to break the taboo of romance between step-siblings. They meet again 2 years later
    • First lead role
    • Last part of Heaven trilogy, the 2nd being Stairway to Heaven
  • You’re Beautiful (2009)
    • Go Mi-nyeo joins a boy band posing as her twin brother Go Mi-nam
    • Contemplating whether to watch it
  • Heartstrings (2011)
    • Music university students Lee Gyu-won who majors in Traditional Korean Music meets Lee Shin who majors in Western Music
    • The drama’s alright but I love the OST’s
  • Hayate the Combat Butler (2011)
    • Xiao Zhi is a rich heiress who ends up hiring poor Xiao Sa as her butler
    • Taiwanese drama based off the manga
    • Her character is voiced by someone else. Why do Chinese dramas allow this? She can’t speak Chinese so why?
  • Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost (2012)
    • As Yeon-hwa, the ghost. 1 ep
  • Flower Boys Next Door (2013)
    • Go Dok-mi is a recluse that hardly ever ventures out
    • I finished it, it was a struggle
  • The Heirs (2013)
    • Cha Eun-sang, a poor daughter of a housekeeper that lives with and goes to a school full of chaebols
    • Good enough drama, it’s filled with celebrities
  • Pinocchio (2014)
    • Choi In-ha wants to be a reporter but she hiccups when she lies. She lives with her ‘uncle’ that’s the same age.
    • Her best drama & best kiss scene. Lee Jong-suk ♥
  • Doctors (2016)
    • Yoo Hye-jung is a scarred delinquent in high school when she meets her neighbour and teacher who helps her begin to belive in people. They meet again 13 years later in a hospital
    • Ahh… she’s really improved ^^
Image result for tree of heaven drama
Tree of Heaven (2006)
  • Stairway to Heaven (2003) 2nd part of Heaven trilogy. Young Han Jung-suh, female lead
  • If Wait for the Next Train Again (2004) as Yeong Ran Ui
  • Boom (2004)
  • Not Alone (2004) as editor’s daughter
  • Cute or Crazy (2005)
  • One Fine Day (2005) as Hee Kyeong
  • Seoul 1945 (2006) as Choi Geum-hee. Set from end of Japanese occupation to the splitting of Korea
  • Loving Sue (2006)
  • Bicheonmu (2006) as A Li Shui (Arisu)
  • Goong S (2007) as Shin Sae-ryung, groomed to be the next queen
  • Several Questions That Make Us Happy (2007) as Hyun-ji
  • Kimcheed Radish Cubes (2007) as Jang Sa-ya. Family
  • My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010) cameo as Go Mi-nyeo (You’re Beautiful) on the bus ep.6
  • High Kick Through the Roof (2010) cameo as future Hae-ri, a spoilt elementary school kid ep.119
  • The King of Dramas (2012) cameo ep.1
  • Fabulous Boys (2013) cameo ep.1
  • Entertainer (2016) cameo as Assistant Manager Park ep.3
  • Gogh, The Starry Night (2016) convenience store cashier cameo ep.8


You’re Beautiful (2009)
  • Love Phobia (2006) as Byeon-ja, minor role. A boy and girl meet as kids, high schoolers, adults. Everytime she kept disappearing
  • Evil Twin (2007) – Horror. Lead actress as So-yeon who drowned and went into a coma & Hyo-jin who drowned to death
  • Cyrano Agency (2010) as Min-yeong, a team member of a dating agency
  • Green Days: Dinosaur and I (2010) – Voice of Oh Yi-rang who loves running. Animated film.
  • Waiting for Jang Joon-hwan (2012) – Short film
  • Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) A mentally impaired man in prison. Plays adult Ye-seung, the man’s daughter.
  • One Perfect Day (2013) as Eun-hee. Short film
  • The Royal Tailor (2014) as the Queen. hist. About the best tailor.
  • The Beauty Inside (2015) – Everyday a furniture designer wakes up in a different body. Cameo as one of them, sounds super interesting actually.
  • Brother (2016) as Lee Soo-hyun, judo coach of the younger of 2 quarrelsome brothers
  • Silent Witness (2017) as Choi Hee Jung
Image result for flower boys next door drama
Flower Boys Next Door (2013)
Variety Shows:
  • 2 Days & 1 Night (2014) ep.335 (s.3 ep.14)
  • Bring You to the Stars (2014) Chinese show
  • Day Day Up (2011) Chinese show
  • Fantastic Partner (2007-2008) MC
  • Hallyu Dream Concert (2011) MC with Ok Taecyeon (2PM)& Choi Minho (SHINee)
  • Happy Sunday (2007) ep.2
  • Happy Together (2007) ep.? (2010) ep.163 with Lee Min-jung
  • Hologram (2015) ep.1
  • Horror Mission (2007) ep.? with Tak Jae-hoon
  • Infinite Challenge (2014) ep.374 & 383
  • Inkigayo (2004) MC with Lee Seung-gi
  • Kpop Collection Okinawa (2012) MC with Lee Seung-gi
  • Love Request (2009) ep. 582 Charity in Nepal
  • Melon Music Awards (2009) MC with Jang Keun-suk (2011) with Leeteuk (Super Junior) & Yoon Doo-joon (BEAST)
  • Music and Lyrics (2012) ep.1-3 with Yoon Gun
  • Nonstop 4 (2004) ep.73
  • Running Man (2012) ep.120-121 with Lee Seung-gi, (2013) ep.166 Kim Woo-bin & Choi Jin-hyuk for The Heirs, (2016) ep.304
  • SBS Drama Awards (2014) MC with Lee Hwi-jae and Park Seo-joon
  • SBS Gayo Daejeon (2009) MC with Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE) & Kim Heechul (Super Junior)
  • Seoul Cultural Art Awards (2010) MC
  • Some Guys Some Girls (2015) ep.6
  • Strong Heart (2012) ep.159-160 with Yoon Shi-yoon and Kim Ji-hoon for Flower Boys Next Door
  • Sunday Sunday Night – Danbi (2010) ep.11
  • Taxi (2012) ep.270 with Yoon Shi-yoon for Flower Boys Next Door
  • Three Meals a Day (2015) s.2 ep.2-3, 16-17
  • Top Gear Korea 4 (2013) ep.10
  • Win Win (2011) ep.13 with Joo Sang-wook
  • It City Park Shin Hye in New Caledonia: Take It Paradise (2009)
  • STOP HUNGER (2011) Charity in Ghana
  • It City Park Shin Hye Healing Trip to Hong Kong (2012)
  • Photo Camping Log (2013) with Park Se-young

Heartstrings (2011)

Her kiss scenes are so abysmal, I wouldn’t even really call them kisses, just lip touches. She’s not even that young anymore yet she still teen drama kisses. In Pinocchio wasn’t so bad but considering she was kissing Lee Jong-suk ♥ who does amazing lovely kiss scenes it should’ve been better. The picture above is from Heartstrings with Yonghwa (CNBLUE) ♥ when she was 21 years old. She’s doing the wide eyed frozen expression facing forward. Seriously? She’s 21, playing a university student.

The Heirs (2013)

The two above are from The Heirs. In the first she looks like she’s being lip raped, which she kind of is because Kim Tan’s going full jealous aggro on her, but then why are her eyes closed if that’s the case? Why is she frowning with her eyes closed? It’s a very questionable expression and body language, well the whole scene is really. The only reason she’s even tilting up is because she’s being forced to lean back. The second picture is better but the only difference between the Heartstrings one and this one is her eyes are closed and she’s smiling. Her head is still not tilted in need or want or anything.

Pinocchio (2014)

In this one from Pinocchio she’s actually tilting her head up and looks relaxed but Lee Jong-suk’s still doing all the work.

The Heirs (2013)

Her face looks like this, above, most of the time, in every single drama. It’s just not expressive enough, it’s kinda sad, kinda pouty, kinda save me~ I’m a poor incompetent princess. She just feels lacking. She feels too passive, in everything, her presence, her expressions, her characters. *Has improved/picked better characters to portray.



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