Hwang Sun-hee

D.O.B: 15 Aug 1986    Age: 30

Height: 170cm / 5’7

She’s so pretty. Dimple!

  • It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (2010)
    • As Ma Ri-sol, minor role
    • About a spoilt daughter who is dependent on her father
  • Sign (2011)
    • As Kang Seo-yeon, minor role
    • About a rookie and a doctor find themselves solving cases. Want to watch
  • City Hunter (2011)
    • As vet Jin Se-hee, ex-wife of 2nd male lead
    • About a vengeful vigilante
  • Wild Romance (2012)
    • As Oh Soo-young, wife of main character’s bestie
    • About an arrogant star baseball player is hated by his bodyguard
  • TV Novel: Love, My Love (2012)
    • As Hong Seung-hee, first leading role
    • Morning soap opera. 175eps
  • A Hundred Year Legacy (2013)
    • As Eun-seol, minor role
    • About a lady divorces her husband and tries to expand her noodle factory then meets a belittling son of a wealthy household. 50eps
  • Master’s Sun (2013)
    • As “Hanna Brown” (Cha Hee-joo), minor role
    • About Gong Hyo-jin who can see ghosts meets a CEO
  • Melody of Love (2013)
    • As Gong Soo-im, main role, main character’s sister
    • Daily drama about 3 families. 151eps
  • Masked Prosecutor (2015)
    • As Seo Ri-na, a prosecutor
    • About a prosecutor who moonlights as a wrestling vigilante
  • One More Happy Ending (2016)
    • As Woo Yeon-soo, minor role
    • About former girl group members now in their 30’s
Musical Theatre:
  • Radio Star (2008) ensemble role
Short Films:
  • 늦지않았어
  • Mountain
  • Family
T.V. Show:
  • Style (2006) Host

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