Angel Eyes

About: When Park Dong-joo was a teenager he met Yoon Soo-wan who was blind. They fell in love. They were soon forced to separate then Soo-wan undergoes surgery that restores her sight. Twelve years later, she’s now an emergency rescue worker and he’s a surgeon. They meet again but he learns that she’s now engaged so he keeps quiet about his identity.

  • Lee Sang-yoon as Park Dong-joo / Park Dylan
    • Kang Ha-neul as young Dong-joo
  • Gu Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan
    • Nam Ji-hyun as young Soo-wan
  • Kim Ji-seok as Kang Ji-woon, Soo-wan’s fiancée
  • Seungri (Big Bang) as Teddy Seo

Genre: Romance/Melodrama/Medical       Vibe: Heavy – 3/5

No of eps: 20        Release date: 5 April 2014

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Recommended: If you feel like having a break from rom/com’s with some melodrama

Reasons for watching: Sounded interesting. Seungri. I want to watch Gu Hye-sun after watching her in Blood because she’s pretty.

Reasons to stop watching at ep 10-ish: Just got a bit bored? I wouldn’t mind finishing it but I don’t think I will ever get around to doing so.

Part of the reason I wanted to watch this was to judge for myself whether Gu Hye-sun was a good actress or not. After Blood came out everyone was criticising her and I wasn’t sure whether to agree or not. Certainly she’s not an absolutely amazing actress but I really don’t think she’s that bad. Perhaps a bit weird but since when were drama characters normal.

Gush time: Kang Ha-neul was the only real strong actor in the drama. The rest just didn’t have the presence needed to capture my attention. Lee Sang-yoon did manage to win me over considering he’s not my type so that means he has some skill as an actor but not quite enough to make me really want to keep watching.

Rant time: I found the start of the drama where the characters were young to be a bit strange. I couldn’t tell whether Nam Ji-hyun was good or not at acting blind, it bugged me. Kang Ha-neul is a good actor but that doesn’t mean he can force everything else to work around him. It’s only a slight strangeness though. When I say in my other drama posts that things were strange or odd or weird, it’s a lot more than this one.

Seungri disappointed me, he’s not as hot as I remember I don’t pay much attention to the timeline of K-pop. Also the way he talked was weird and I still didn’t really know what was going on with him.


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