My Girl

About: Joo Yoo-rin lives with her father in Jeju Island as a tour guide. Her father is a gambling addict so she has learnt to lie and swindle after being chased by debt collectors. She meets Seol Gong-chan who employs her to pretend to be his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter, which is his dying wish. However he becomes so happy that he recovers. Joo Yoo-rin and Seol Gong-chan now have to live together in the same house pretending to be cousins.

  • Lee Da-hae as Joo Yoo-rin
  • Lee Dong-wook as Seol Gong-chan, chaebol heir
  • Lee Joon-gi as Seo Jung-woo, Gong-chan’s flirtatious best friend
  • Park Si-yeon as Kim Se-hyun, Gong-chan’s ex-girlfriend

Genre: Romance / Comedy

No of eps: 16       Release date: 14 Dec 2005

Rating: ♔ ♔ ♔ ♔

Recommended: If you like rich man/poor woman romances

Reasons for watching: It sounded cute & Lee Dong-wook

Reasons to stop watching at ep.6: I have discovered that although I like Lee Dong-wook’s looks I do not think he’s a good actor. At least not good enough to be a main lead. I’ve also seen him in Blade Man and I also stopped watching that for no other reason than meh. He just doesn’t capture me. Also, I hated the way they dressed and her make-up. It’s such shiny make-up. I know it was the fashion back then but still shinyyyy, grosss.


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