Because It’s The First Time

About: A group of 20-year-old friends all live in the same neighbourhood and regularly gather at Yoon Tae-oh’s house, living their first year out of high school.

  • Choi Min-ho (SHINee) as Yoon Tae-oh
  • Park So-dam as Han Song-yi, Tae-oh’s childhood friend
  • Kim Min-jae as Seo Ji-an
  • Jeong Yoo-jin as Ryoo Se-hyun, Tae-Oh’s blind date
  • Lee Yi-kyung as Choi Hoon
  • Cho Hye-jung as Oh Ga-rin

Because It's The First Time-p1.jpg

Genre: Friendship / Romance / Youth

N0 of eps: 8, split into 15 minute segments.       Release date: 7 Oct 2015

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥

Recommended: If you like youth or romance dramas & are looking for something a bit shorter. Light-hearted – 1/5

Reasons for watching: Minho!!

Reasons to keep watching: They are all young up-and-coming actors and they’re really, really good and cute. Never forget cute.

Re-watch: Tbh, I haven’t finished watching it although I have read the recaps for the second half of the drama.

SPOILER It’s realistic rather than fairy tale-like. I love fairy tales. All I want if for Minho to have a wonderful, beautiful, romantic, fairy tale-like drama where they live happily ever after.

  • Im Yoona (SNSD) as Tae-oh’s senior ep.1
  • Hong Seok-cheon (bald guy) as  cafe manager ep.1

Gush time: I’m not sure if I’m bias or not but Minho’s a better actor than I thought he’d be. I don’t feel a strong stage presence from him but that just might be the types of dramas he’s in and the characters he plays. I really, really, really want him in a lovely, romantic drama. To The Beautiful You does NOT count. It was so, so bad. Except for Minho of course. He’s the reason I persisted. I love him, he’s so hot! Where’s his good, romantic drama!? He’s still young… he has many years ahead of him… I can wait… maybe… trying… to… please be soon.

Kim Min-jae is super cute even with that weird as hairstyle, I totally want to watch Twenty Again for him. I did see a picture of him in Twenty Again before and he was so cute I wanted to watch it but now I must, must get around to it.

Both guys are so sweet I love them both so much. It’s a love triangle where I love both the guys. They’re both so cute and sweet and adorable. They’re such good friends too. So adorable Now I’m thinking why couldn’t it be a non-romantic drama. Too many feels for those two. Who cares about the girl anymore. I just want everybody to be happy. I know they will eventually but I want happiness now. Not with Minho having to leave to get over his feelings.

Park So-dam is totally not my style with her hair but she pulls it off really well and I do think she’s adorable with it. Her character is kinda weird, well she’s how she looks. Friendly, positive, colourful, cute and walking her own path.

Rant time: Why didn’t Minho get the girl? I mean it totally makes sense that he doesn’t because well it’s somewhat implied in the title. First love, first heartbreak. Especially that the word “Because” is in the title. It’s like an excuse. That it’s because it’s the first time he doesn’t get the girl, try again next time. It’s realistic that he didn’t end up with his first love, especially one that’s taken him so long to act upon. Too late, sucker. Also with how he acts on his feelings like a grade-schooler. At his age! But still! I don’t want realism no matter how amazing it is, I want fairy tales!

Conclusion: I may not have finished it with my need for a fairy tale ending, especially when it comes to Minho, but I do recommend it. It’s really good.


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