Kang Ha-neul

D.O.B: 21 Feb 1990      Age: 27 

Height: 182cm / 6′

Hmm… He doesn’t look tall though. I would estimate him to be 173cm from watching him in dramas.

He began his career in musical theatre before switching to the screen.

Glasses Hottie! – Monstar (2013)
  • My Mom! Super Mom! (2007) as Choi Hoon
  • Hometown Over the Hill (2007-2012) as Kim Jong-hwi. Why is it 5 years long? What is this drama? Longest running Korean drama I’ve ever seen.
  • Midnight Hospital (2011) as Yang Chang-soo ok
  • To the Beautiful You (2012)
    • Sulli as a boy in a boys school (Hana Kimi)
    • Min Hyun-jae, Tae-joon’s high-jump rival & Eun-gyeol’s roommate
  • Monstar (2013)
    • School & music
    • Jung Sun-woo, student, 2nd male lead, he owned this drama, his voice ♥
  • Two Weeks (2013)
    • A gangster on the run has 2 weeks to save his sick daughter
    • Kim Sung-joon, cameo
  • Drama Festival “Unrest” (2013) Joon-kyung
  • The Heirs (2013)
    • Set in a chaebol school. Rich Lee Min-ho meets poor Park Shin-hye
    • Lee Hyo-shin, student, has a crush on his tutor (Kim Won’s lover), supporting role
  • Angel Eyes (2014)
    • As young version of Park Dong-joo, the main guy, who falls in love with a blind young woman
  • Misaeng (2014)
    • About interns in a company
    • Jang Baek-gi is the smart intern, lead role
  • Missing Noir M (2015)
    • A genius who is assigned to missing persons task force
    • Lee Jung-soo is a criminal in eps. 1-2
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)
    • IU wakes up in the Goryeo Dynasty as Hae Soo surrounded by princes
    • Wang Wook, the 8th prince
  • Entourage (2016) cameo 
    • About a movie star and his friends
Nice? Nice! – To The Beautiful You (2012)
  • Battlefield Heroes (2011) hist. War. Yeon Namsan, minor role
  • You’re My Pet (2011)
    • Based off manga. Woman takes in a young man
    • Yang Young-soo, minor role
  • Mourning Grave (2014) Ghostly horror. nR. In-su, main role
  • C’est Si Bon (2015)
    • Late 1960’s young muscians meet again 20 years later
    • Yoon Hyung-joo 1960’s band member, minor role
  • Empire of Lust (2015)
    • hist. General.
    • Jin is the general’s son & King’s son-in-law
  • Twenty (2015) Kyung-jae, one of 3 20yo besties, uni student, main role
  • Dong-ju (2015) Yun Dong-ju IRL Korean poet early 1900’s, main role
  • Like for Likes (2016) Rom/com. 3 couples. Lee Soo-ho is a deaf songwriter, lead role
  • New Trial (2017)
    • Based on 2000 “Iksan murder case”.
    • Man accused of murder spends 10 years in jail before finding a lawyer to help.
    • Jo Hyun-woo, main role
  • Midnight Runners (2017) Action/comedy. Park Ki-joon (Park Seo-joon) and Kang Hee-yeol, police cadets, witness a kidnapping. Main role. Want to watch.
  • Recall the Night (2017) Jin-seok‘s brother was kidnapped for 19 days then lost his memory. What happened? Main role.
Variety Shows:
  • Radio Star (2016)
  • Running Man
    • (2014) ep.190 for Angel Eyes
    • (2015) ep.240 for Twenty
    • (2016) ep.314 for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Youth Over Flowers (2016)
First time I saw him!  – The Heirs (2013)
Music Video:
  • “Still Pretty Today” by Fly to the Sky (2007)
  • Monstar (2013)
    • Atlantis Princess
    • Don’t Make Me Cry
    • Only That Is My World / March
  • Angel Eyes (2014)
    • Three Things I Have Left (Acoustic version)

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