Sassy, Go Go

A.K.A.: Cheer Up!

  • Jung Eun-ji (Apink) as Kang Yeon-doo, Real King leader bright green pic
  • Lee Won-geun as Kim Yeol, Baek-Ho leader, 1st in school yellow pic
  • Ji-soo as Seo Ha-joon, Baek-Ho member, Yeol’s friend & roommate aqua pic
  • Cha Hak-yeon (VIXX’s N) as Ha Dong-jae, Yeon-doo’s childhood friend, Yeol’s roommate blue pic
  • Chae Soo-bin as Kwon Soo-ah, Baek-Ho member, 2nd in school, Yeon-doo’s roommate pink pic

About: At the elite Sevit High School, there are two clubs. There is a dance club called Real King, where students ranked in the bottom 5th percentile gathered together. Baek-Ho, on the other hand, is a so-called cheerleading club comprised of students in the top 5%. All they do is study but they joined the club to look good on their university applications.

Genre: Friendship / School / Romance / Teen / Comedy

No of eps: 12        Release date: 5 Oct 2015

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥

Recommended: If you like youth or friendship or romance or hot boys, like Ji-soo ♥

Reasons for watching: Ji-soo ♥, Eunji & N’s my bias in VIXX ♥

Reasons to keep watching: Lee Won-geun! New love ♥

Re-watch: I wouldn’t mind watching it again but I don’t think I will, maybe in a few years.

This picture above is a bit weird, why is N in the middle? I think they ordered importance from left to right but isn’t the main character normally in the middle. Actually, I’m not sure if this is an official poster or not. Hmm…

♥ Lee Won-geun ♥

I love how appropriate the name “Cheer Up!” is. It’s the message of the whole story. However, Sassy Go Go is the one stuck in my head so I’m sticking with it. Besides, Sassy, Go Go sounds hilarious. It’s definitely one of the more eye-catching names.

Someone described this drama as it “depicts the friendships and loves of youths, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasizes competition.” It sounded so cute and fancy I had to stick it in here.

Baek-ho; Ji-soo so hot ♥
Supporting Characters: 
  • Real King
    • Kim Min-ho (Monstar, I knew it!) as Min Hyo-sik, big guy
    • Kang Min-ah as Park Da-mi, short hair girl
    • Park Yoo-na as Kim Kyung-eun, long-haired girl with fringe
    • Ooon (HALO) as Joon-soo, dyed hair guy
    • Son Beom-jun as Cha Seung-woo, black haired guy
  • Baek-Ho
    • Shin Jae-ha as Choi Tae-pyung, glasses guy
    • Jung Hae-na as Han Jae-young, Yeon-doo’s roommate
    • Kang Gu-reum as Kim Na-yeon, Yeon-doo’s roommate

Someone’s name is Ooon? How do I even pronounce that and what makes it different from Oon? Do I just drag it out longer?

sassy go go first scene

♥ ♥ first scene, so pretty ♥ ♥

Comparison to Angry Mom: Ji-soo and Go Soo-hee were also in Angry Mom. Ji-soo is an angsty kid who gets into fights in Angry Mom and very sweetly helps his one-sided love. Whereas in Sassy, Go Go he’s an angsty, depressed kid who gets beat up by his father and is in a one-sided love. So basically half the time he has blood in on the corner of his mouth.

It’s really, really good but the feels are not as feels as Angry Mom. I would actually consider it better made than Angry Mom. I struggled on rating Angry Mom as 8 or 9 but decided on 9. Angry Mom’s really intense, dramatic, crazy and amazing. Sassy, Go Go seems so normal in comparison but it’s just as good! It’s so much harder for a normal thing in comparison to be amazing don’t you think? I only ranked it less than Angry Mom because although I loved this drama I was squealing more when watching Angry Mom.

♥ ♥ ♥ Favourite Scene ♥ ♥ ♥

Gush time: The very first scene where the camera pans up and shows the pretty lighted trees raised my expectations. Then 15 mins later in the scene above and below, between Eunji and Lee Won-geun (Kim Yeol), he showcased his acting skills and I thought this is going to be good. That scene is still my favourite scene in the drama but later ones are good too.

Before I started I thought who is this guy, Lee Won-geun, and why is he the main role? He looks so old and is so plain looking but whatever, surely the other actors I love will make up for it. But ung, that scene 15mins in was so sexy and attractive. There’s a part where he moves his tongue against his teeth while thinking. So hot and sexy. It’s the moment I fell in love. Such cheekiness is my type. But it’s such a tiny detail, this is what makes a brilliant actor.

Actually he reminds me of Minho from SHINee at certain angles. Mainly when he’s looking all serious and down at Eunji. Then other times he looks like the policeman from Oh My Ghostess, Lim Ju-hwan, ew. A close picture I have is the Baek-ho picture above.

Before the moment I fell in love
Not a gif version 😦 but fav moment!

I really love everybody. They are all really good actors. All. If i were to give them a rating all the actors are at least an 8/10. I’ve never even thought that while watching a drama before. There’s usually at least one person whom I can’t stand, and not just because they are evil or an idiot.

In ep.11 Ji-soo is wearing a turtleneck under a collared shirt. I never knew it could look so good. Ji-soo can pull anything off it seems. How do you even fit a turtleneck under a collar?

The parents are really cute in this drama. In other dramas I didn’t like the parental scenes much because it detracted from the hot young guys but they’re really cute here. I was actually really scared that they would break up for the sake of their kids, even the thought of them putting off their marriage made me sad. I didn’t want the kids to break up either though. Why can’t everyone have perfect lives!?

sassy go go fight

I love how Kim Yeol isn’t doing anything, Yeon-doo is just stuck to his button from when she attacked.


Rant time: These writers are playing with me with these love pentangles! So Kang Yeon-doo (Eunji) and Kim Yeol (Lee Won-geun) are most probably going to have a thing. That’s obvious from the start. But Yeon-doo and Ha Dong-jae (N) are really close childhood friends who live next to each other so they may also be having a thing. Or maybe they currently have a thing but then Yeon-doo gets captured by Yeol. Also it was spoiled to me that the reason Dong-jae is afraid of touching people is all because of Yeon-doo yet they are still friends so that brings in an extra strong element to their thing.

Then Kwon Soo-ah (Chae Soo-bin) and Dong-jae starts to have a few moments that aren’t romantic but it is a good set up for romance. So perhaps they will get together? But then they don’t! It wasn’t even one-sided. What?

the love quadrangle

THEN Seo Ha-joon (Ji-soo) starts to have moments with Yeon-doo! Basically as Soo-ah/Dong-jae starts to happen. So in essence Yeon-doo is always in a love triangle, even when the guys change! Although at that point it was obvious she was going to end up with Yeol already so I kind of don’t get why they bothered with it? At the same time it was realistic. To have a character in a one-sided love, a first love. One that impacts you such that you change for them. Just like his Angry Mom character. Poor Ji-soo never gets the girl 😦 Next time baby, you’re still young. I want you to be the main guy that gets the girl! You’re cute but not very impactful in this drama. It’s hard being a lesser character isn’t it baby?

The bromance, while lovely, is not squeal worthy. I was expecting to know the why or how Yeol and Ha-joon became such good friends but I don’t. Hope I didn’t miss something. Perhaps it’s just being realistic that their friendship just naturally grew to that point over the years so there was no defining point.

At one point, or really for a good part of the middle of the drama the evil girl seemed more like the main character. She had so much solo focused scenes. Whereas all the other characters have hardly any solo scenes. The story is more about love and friendship whereas the evil girl is a loner and I get that. It’s still weird that a lesser character, however important and adorable she may be, has more solo scenes though.

N disappointed me with this drama. I was so excited to see him act because I love him so much. I’m going to be a fangirl and say it’s not his fault. His character is just super weird and not my type. That is true. Still I feel like he could have done more with it if he was a better actor. Hopefully he will get a role I can love next time.

There’s a lot of scenes where I found Eunji’s acting lacking. For instance in all the scenes where she’s fallen on Lee Won-geun, like above, she’s not doing anything. There’s an example in the gif above too, “Before the moment I fell in love.” In one sense she’s supposed to be frozen, ‘oh dear a guy’ but in actuality she looks too passive to be frozen.

I don’t understand how Ji-soo’s father who is a doctor can hit him! He’s a doctor! He’s supposed to be healing people not hurting them! I suppose he does it for the money and prestige but that’s no excuse for evilness! My poor baby.

Gah it stopped right before the kiss!

      Conclusion: I really recommend it!


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