Angry Mom

About: Jo Kang-ja was once known for being a tough, feared troublemaker in high school. When she gets pregnant in her late teens she decides to become a responsible mother. When Kang-ja discovers her daughter, who is now a high school student, is being bullied she decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter, as a student.


  • Kim Hee-sun as Jo Kang-ja, mother
  • Kim Yoo-jung as Oh Ah-ran, Kang-ja’s daughter
  • Ji Hyun-woo as Park No-ah, teacher
  • Ji-soo as Go Bok-dong, classmate
  • Baro (B1A4) as Hong Sang-tae, classmate
  • Lizzy (After School) as Wang Jung-hee, classmate

Genre: Family / School

No of eps: 16        Release date: 18 March 2015

Rating: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪   ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ … or 8/10… decisions!!

Recommended: If you like school or family or action/are longing for some intensity. Heavy-hearted – 4/5

Reasons for watching: As I was reading complaints on Who Are You: School 2015, someone said Angry Mom was the Korean school drama of the year

Reasons to keep watching: School drama of the year! New loves: Ji-soo ♥ ♥ and Baro ♥

Re-watch: I don’t think I will, I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think I will, maybe if I need more Ji-soo!

Gush time: This is such a good drama! The main character is the mother, rather than a teenager but it’s still a really great, school drama! It’s on the heavy side of emotions, to let you know, it’s really intense. It’s not quite as argh feels as Bridal Mask but it’s really close which is why it got rated so highly even though I doubt I’d watch it again.

What made this drama so amazing is how surprising the story became! I thought “Ok, this is going to be an amusing drama, there’s a mother trying to pass off as a student. But it’s going to address serious problems like bullying. Well everyone’s said it’s awesome so I’m going to give it a shot.” And without going into spoiler alert, wow, that did not go how I thought it would go and it did not disappoint.

I really, really love Ji-soo! He’s so hot and charismatic! And his hair! That modern take on the 60’s bad-boy hairstyle! Combined with the smirk! Urgh, my ovaries! When he becomes calmer and on the good people’s side his look and demeanor changes but most importantly his haircut! As pictured below. I was so sad! He wasn’t anywhere near as hot anymore! I will just daydream looking at the above pictures. Still, all three pictures are of him in love which is so very adorable! He’s so cute.

I was really excited to see him in Sassy, Go Go / Cheer Up! He is hot and adorable there too. He’s still an angsty teen with family problems and cool hair but he’s just not as impactful, sadness. He’s still an amazing actor though and I love him. This was his first major role in a drama and he was just so amazing. I’m expecting many great things from him.

ji soo angry mom 2

Baro is an amazing actor! There were many things that surprised me in this drama and this was one. I didn’t think he was good-looking, I didn’t think he’s hot, he’s part of B1A4 of which I’ve watched a few variety shows with them in it but I can’t tell who’s who and the only other name I know is Sandeul. But he had so much charisma! He became attractive! I don’t love him as much as Ji-soo but he still gets one ♥

It’s cute how he wears all these different big fancy glasses. I do love. I think it also gives him a lot of character because his face is on the plain side in my opinion.

The romance is so adorable in this drama! I really wasn’t sure whether Hong Sang-tae (Baro) would be able to win Oh Ah-ran over until it happened. I sort of think they are a strange couple. At first I thought why would he like her. He’s a rich top dog, don’t they normally like rich, sexy, top girls? As it played out I could see why he liked her though, which was really cute. But I still couldn’t see why she liked him back. Actually I realised that the only things I know about Ah-ran is that she gets good grades and is very loyal towards her friends. So I suppose I wouldn’t know what would be her type of guy. Although I would assume she wouldn’t be interested in a bully who doesn’t work hard for himself…? Maybe she came to pity him then love him. Hmmm… there’s a thought. Well romance isn’t really the point of the story no matter how cute it is.

Since I’m on the topic of romance, I’m going back to Ji-soo and his one-sided love! So cute! I didn’t think it was likely but I was kind of hoping he would get the lady he wanted. Just because I love him and I want him to be happy. He was happy in the end but his one-sided love is just so adorable.

I actually really liked Lizzy in this. I don’t like her in other things I’ve seen her in nor do I think she’s pretty for a K-pop star. Except I did think she was a bit cute in the Love Forecast movie. But I rather liked her in this drama. I did think she looked pretty with the black hair and goth style look. Although I found it weird that she’s the boss girl? Or whatever the term is. Her body is a lot skinnier than I recall though.

Rant time: The mother and teacher were quite annoying in the first half of the drama whenever they were together. I think that was the point, character development, but it didn’t make it any less aggravating.

The story was so intense it just became unreal. The plot made sense but it wasn’t plausible… I’m hoping anyway. Actually the fact that I have to hope makes it plausible doesn’t it? The evil people are always so evil in dramas but I suppose real humans can be evil like the ones in dramas I just like to think we can’t. It is a drama too, they are meant to be dramatic. But still, that ending! Not that it was bad per say just unrealistic… I’m hoping.

Conclusion: The reason my favourite school dramas are Reply 1997 and School 2013 is because I absolutely adore the romance/bromance and the actors and just all the ♥ ♥ ♥. So since the main character is the annoying mother and there’s the annoying teacher, even though I love the lesser main characters, that’s also why I was contemplating giving it an 8/10. But I didn’t and it is an amazing drama so watch it if you haven’t already!


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