♥ ♥ ♥ Dating News! ♥ ♥ ♥

I can’t believe Blood’s Ahn Jae-hyun and Gu Hye-sun are dating! And they’ve been dating for a year at that! Since the drama ended! (AND are now married! – May 2016)

I have to go back and watch the drama again… and actually finish it this time. I also need to get on to doing a post on Blood.

I really, really can’t believe they are dating. It’s not that they had no chemistry in the drama but he just seems so young and she seems so old. They only have a 3 year age difference but it doesn’t feel that way. She’s been famous since since she was in her early 20’s (Boys over Flowers anyone?) and he’s only been famous for 2 years, since You Who Came From the Stars, playing a teenager. Also it’s weird because she’s older, although 3 years is nothing but their age gap feels much, much larger! I’m talking 8-10 years.

I have the same thoughts about Lee Min-ho (more Boys over Flowers) with Suzy (Miss A) and Shin Min-ah with Kim Woo-bin.

Now Lee Min-ho and Suzy have a large enough age gap, especially when you consider how young she is. They were 20 and 27 years old when they started dating, that’s a whole 7 years! Although they are the only couple I’m mentioning where the guy is older. But they feel like they have a much larger age gap. He became super famous from Boys Over Flowers (2009) when he was 22. That’s so young for a top star. He feels like he ought to have been at least 25 at the time, which means I feel like he’s 32-34. To me… On a different tangent – I can’t believe he’s about the same age as Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin and Kim Soo-hyun (all the top stars). I feel like he ought to be much older than them. Suzy however is the maknae of Miss A, she feels 17-18 years old to me. A beautiful young princess just ready to debut in the world. So it feels like a 14 year age gap, at her young age too. I’m still not quite over it a year later but they do make a beautiful couple. Please don’t break up!

I wonder how they met; they run in similar circles and all but how? I need the love story! ♥ ♥ ♥

minho suzy

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin have a 5 year age gap and she’s older. But my strongest image of Kim Woo-bin is of the vicious high schooler in The Heirs. Shin Min-ah on the other hand I haven’t seen much of but she’s very pretty. Those dimples! I did watch a bit of My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010) with Lee Seung-gi in it. I’ve also seen a bit of Oh My Venus (2015) and she looks her age, beautiful but mature. So in the end I feel like they have a massive age too, perhaps not as much as the other couples but I do.

They met via the Giordano commercials they are in together. Isn’t it adorable? It’s the best for fangirling in. Dramas may have kisses but commercials are much longer running.

Well, all the best for everyone! Everyone’s such a beautiful couple, what is this!?

Note: I’m not actually against the woman being older than the man in a relationship. I just can’t imagine it. Guys are so immature, they are getting better as I get older but stereotypically they are more immature than females. Whereas us females tend to be on the mature side, coz I’m totes mature. Now this is just a general observation, there are always exceptions. There can be many exceptions.

I have a friend who was 22 that dated a woman that turned out to be 28, she had lied to him that she was 25. They met through university, that’s pretty old to still be studying, generally. Now my friend is extremely immature, he has like a mental age of 16 sometimes. So I always wondered how that relationship worked. They did not last long obviously. It turned out though that she had a mental age of like 12. Before they broke-up, when they were going through problems, she got all her friends to delete him from their Facebook’s. Like, seriously? Who does that? 12 year olds.


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