Sorry guys.

It’s been ages since I updated this.

I can’t believe it’s going to be June in a few hours. The cold is killing me, I can’t wait for winter to be over and it hasn’t even officially started yet. I’m already wearing 5 layers of clothes… indoors.

Anyway reason one. I’ve only finished watching ONE drama this year. This whole half a year. Where 4380 hours have passed. Just the one. Can you guess which? It’s Descendants of the Sun. I’m not sure why, I don’t know if the quality of dramas have gone down or my interest has just waned. If you notice on the Korean Dramas page there’s a lot of late 2015-2016 dramas that I’ve only watched 2-3 episodes of. I’m really needing a good pick me up to get me back into it. I need me some Lee Jong-suk or Lee Seung-gi (WHO’S STUCK IN THE ARMY D:).

Of course I don’t even need to watch dramas to create posts considering how many more I need to do posts of but I need the drive. I’ve already covered all the blasé ones that take me 10mins. The rest actually need effort. Of which I have none to give. Laziest person in the world I am.

reason deux. I have been watching BTS instead of dramas. I don’t know how much I have contributed to their new MV YouTube views but I am certainly contributing. Maybe I’ll go on another tangent post and fangirl BTS. Watch out for that.

reason san. I am currently procrastinating my wedding planning. Which I decided to hold in October. Like why, past me? There’s only 4 months left. And I’ve done nothing. At all. Since I got back from my 3 day holiday in March. Until 5 days ago when I forced myself to restart. That’s my life for you. Three day holiday in March… now. Anyway what does procrastinating wedding planning and this blog have in common? Nothing. Except when I procrastinate, I procrastinate EVERYTHING. I have done the bare minimum of life in 3 months. That includes friends, dates, exercise. I am a bum, that’s what I am.

Here is a lovely picture of my beautiful engagement ring on my finger.

Jokes. I’m not wearing my ring. I’m too lazy to wear it. It’s sitting in my room impressing my clothes.

Side note: Should I start a K-pop page? Just for references? Like my Variety Shows page? Hmm… it won’t be well kept but it’ll exist.


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