Bride of the Century

A.K.A.: Hundred Year Bride

About: It is said that the rich Choi family has been under a curse for the past hundred years. The first bride of the eldest son will die. When Choi Kang-joo’s arranged fiancée, Jang Yi-kyung, disappears right before the wedding, a doppelgänger is found. Poor but sweet and sunny Na Doo-rim is brought in by Yi-kyung’s mother to take her place. She’s so unlike the cold and calculating Yi-kyung that Kang-joo falls in love with her.

  • Yang Jin-sung as Na Doo-rim / Jang Yi-kyung, doppelgängers
  • Lee Hong-ki (F.T. Island) as Choi Kang-joo
  • Sung Hyuk as Jang Yi-hyun

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

No of eps: 16        Release date: 22 Feb 2014

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥     but originally given 8/10

Recommended: If you like romance dramas, cute guys & don’t mind a bit of trope

Reason for watching: The poster captured my attention (just look at it) and the plot sounded interesting

Reasons to keep watching: There’s two types of dramas, ones that grab you in from the start and ones that slowly build your love and investment. This is the first type.

Re-watch: I want to but other dramas keep getting in the way!

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I originally gave it an 8/10. This was one of the first dramas I watched so I think if I watched it with the mindset I have now it might be given a 7/10. I think. That’s why I changed it. I still have good feels about shipping the main characters so I’m not sure whether it was an accurate decision but I’m sticking with it. I’m trying to widen my ratings up a bit. I’m the type that thinks of average as 7/10 but then everything congregates in 8-9/10.

Lee Hong-ki is so cute! He’s such a cute chaebol! The story is so much more interesting than I expected that’s why I loved it. Plus Lee Hong-ki’s so cute! I want to watch this again but I don’t like main actress’ hair/voice. She’s a good actress. She’s just not my type at all.

I don’t understand the alternate title “Hundred Year Bride.” It sounds like they were engaged for 100 years.

Image result for bride of the century

Korean dramas are also really starting to branch out of the typical cold chaebol meets poor, ingénue young woman. The writer’s decided to have a twist on the typical plot in this drama but in the end my feelings as a viewer are the same. It’s Cinderella. The poor but sweet young woman entrances the prince with her beauty and sweet, gentle nature. They fall in love. Instantly. This doesn’t make it a bad drama. Not at all. The feels and the intrigue are still there but it’s very unrealistic. There’s only so many Cinderella stories that can be written after all. People were getting sick of it. I’m glad that dramas are investing more into the overall story of the drama or the development of characters but I hope the Cinderella stories don’t disappear, just get better.

Image result for bride of the century
This scene I remember.

Even after all this time and all these dramas I still remember the important aspects of this drama. Flashes of moments here and there. This drama was originally on my favourites list actually. I’ve just taken it off. It was at the bottom and it’s not a drama that would come to mind if you asked me to recommend dramas. It is good though and I do recommend but as I said before, it’s just low on the priority list.


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