Me Too, Flower!

A.K.A.: I’m a Flower, Too / Flower, Me Too / Flower, I Am

About: An abrasive female police officer meets a parking attendant at the expensive women’s shop nearby. He’s secretly a millionaire.

  • Lee Ji-ah as Cha Bong-sun
  • Yoon Shi-yoon as Seo Jae-hee
  • Lee Gi-kwang (HIGHLIGHT, formally Beast) as Jo Ma-roo / Pink Chicken, more of a cameo

Genre: Romance / Comedy

No of eps: 15        Release date: 9 Nov 2011

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥     ♥ ♥

Recommended: If you like romance

Reasons for watching: Sounded interesting

Reasons to keep watching: Cuteness of course!

Re-watch: I wouldn’t mind, just to re-live the ship, but it’d be on the bottom of my priority list

Image result for me too flower
I totally don’t remember this

Yoon Shi-yoon is so cute! He’s a bit too young looking for the role but a hot guy is a hot guy. Even the fail subs for 2 episodes didn’t stop me from finishing the series, hopefully you get better subs than me.

The original man they cast as the male lead was Kim Jaewon. He got injured on the day of filming sadly. So the drama feels a bit off because Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Ji-ah have a nearly 10 year age difference. He was 25 and she was 33 at the time of the drama. Yet it’s not obvious that this is the case. In the drama his character feels like he should be older than her but he doesn’t look older or give off a mature feel. He certainly should be a fair few years older than he looked in order to achieve everything the character did. Trying to make the timeline work in my head was confusing. I don’t think I ever achieved it.

I don’t understand Lee Gi-kwang’s role in this. Either of his roles. He just… appears… randomly… for no reason. He was definitely there just to rope his fans into watching the drama but please but some effort in. At least just a little effort please. Look at the poster! He looks like he should have a real role! But he doesn’t!


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