Secret Garden

About: Through a misunderstanding a stunt-woman and CEO meet. He can’t stop thinking about her despite her low status. They run into each other at Jeju Island unexpectedly and end up stranded at a mysterious restaurant. The next day they find that they have switched souls.

  • Ha Ji-won as Gil Ra-im, stunt-woman
  • Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won, an arrogant, logical CEO
  • Yoon Sang-hyun as Choi Woo-young (Oska), a famous star past his prime
  • Kim Sa-rang as Yoon Seul, Joo-won’s fiancée & Oska’s first love
  • Lee Jong-suk (this role got him famous) as Han Tae-sun, a young genius musician

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Fantasy

No of eps: 20        Release date: 13 Nov 2010

Rating:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥     originally 9/10 but I think I was influenced by the hype

Recommended: If you like rom/com’s with a bit of a twist

Reasons for watching: It’s a classic. It’s always on the must watch drama lists. It did sound interesting too!

Reasons to keep watching: Their body-switching is so cute and funny

Re-watch: I wouldn’t mind but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do so

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This is one of the most famous Korean dramas. It’s a good drama and I can see why it’s famous. This drama is parodied the most. It has a fair bit of memorable aspects, such as Hyun Bin’s sparkly matching tracksuits that cover his chin. It’s got it’s humour in every time they switch but that leads to them becoming closer together and healing.

I didn’t rate it higher because the plot is forced. They randomly end up at a restaurant in the middle of a forest. Restaurants can’t survive in the middle of forests that have no roads or paths. Then somehow for some reason end up switching? I also don’t know why he fell in love with her. It just happened because the script said so. Ignoring that it’s a cute rom/com.

I loved Lee Jong-suk before I ever saw him in this drama but I’m not sure how he became famous from it. He was hardly in it and always with Yoon Sang-hyun (Oska) whom I don’t like so that doesn’t help. He went on Strong Heart after becoming famous from the drama. I saw the episode before I watched Secret Garden. He was saying how he was loved from the drama because Oska would be yakking away and he’d respond with just a few cool words and walk off. I only noticed it maybe 2-3 times in the drama though. Netizens. Crazy. Lee Jong-suk’s hot though so I’m happy.

Image result for secret garden lee jong suk

I found it odd how [SPOILER] Lee Jong-suk was gay for Oska. One reason was because it was unexpected. Homosexuality is still a funny secret in South Korea. The other being because I just didn’t see it. Maybe because I don’t like Yoon Sang-hyun (Oska). I didn’t like him in I Hear Your Voice either. He was annoying in both dramas. I find him too too old and not good-looking. His face reminds me of a soft Asian grandma. It doesn’t fit my requirements of attractiveness. I didn’t see what Han Tae-sun (Lee Jong-suk) saw in Oska so I didn’t see how he could fall in love with him.

It’s funny how Lee Jong-suk went from loving Yoon Sang-hyun in Secret Garden to being his rival in I Hear Your Voice.

Image result for secret garden drama

I’m not too into Ha Ji-won. I know she’s known for her stunts and so her body is more muscular. That is not what I mind. It’s more about what she wears and her hair. She was so pretty in The Time We Were Not In Love. She’s not supposed to care about her looks etc. I don’t mind if it’s done like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo but I didn’t like Ha Ji-won in leggings in this drama. I also don’t like that juxtaposition of girlyness and toughness she displayed. Party because the way it’s done is not consistent (in my mind), partly because it’s a really common trope. As with all tropes, it’s fine when it’s done perfectly well but when it’s not it creates that inconsistency.

This is a good drama for those into romances but I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone.



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