Yang Se-jong

D.O.B.: 23 December 1992         Age: 24pic 1 yang sejong

Height: 182cm / 6′

He’s so cute! I’m definitely following his career. Doesn’t he look like Minhyuk (CNBLUE)? Love them both!

He was a model in 2011 for a bit.Read More »


Kim Min-suk

A.K.A: Kim Min-seok

D.O.B.: 24 January 1990         Age: 27

Height: 175cm / 5’9

Known for: The cute, young one in the drama Descendants of the Sun

Wow he’s 26. Does he look 26 to you? I’d say he’s 17.

Trained to be an idol before realising it took too long so he became an actor. Great singer for an actor. Watch his King of Mask Singer.

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Choi Min-ho

A.K.A.: Minho

D.O.B.: 9 December 1991         Age: 25

Height: 181cm / 5’11

K-pop: SHINee (2008-)

I love Minho. I’m not into SHINee nor their music, but I love Minho. He’s so cute. I love his adorable smile. I can’t tell if he’s actually a pretty good actor or I’m being biased. He is definitely not a bad one either way.

I need him to be in a good romance drama! Why is he not in one yet!? To The Beautiful You does NOT count. It’s SO bad.

I love his competitiveness, some people find it annoying but I don’t. I love watching him in Running Man and Dream Team. He’s just so cute. Also, them abs.Read More »

Kim Min-jae

D.O.B: 1 Nov 1996      Age: 20 

Height: 173cm / 5’8″

He’s sooooo cuuuuuute❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

I can’t tell if he’s a good actor or if my love for his cuteness overrules everything. He’s definitely not a bad one. I have that much confidence in my judgement at least. Update: He’s a great actor, I can’t wait for future roles.

It’s referenced in the drama Twenty Again that he looks like Yeo Jin-goo. It’s true. He also looks like Song Joong-ki. I love Song Joong-ki.

He can sing, dance, rap and write lyrics! He was on Show Me The Money 4 or you can just YouTube him rapping and dancing.

His voice is so sexy even when he’s just talking, it’s so deep.Read More »

Yook Sung-jae

D.O.B.: 2 May 1995   Age: 22

Height: 180cm / 5’11

K-pop: BtoB’s Sungjae (2012-) my bias ♥

He’s super cute. Currently fangirling and fan-stalking him. The moment I fell in love was on A Song For You with Super Junior and he imitated an artist after Kyuhyun’s imitation. It was amazing and better than Kyuhyun (Kyuhyun is also my bias).

He’s a great actor, I’m following all his dramas ♥

Good singer but described himself as the “least talented in BtoB”. I love his low notes, is he a baritone? He’s trained to sing typical K-pop high notes. He can hit it but he really shouldn’t, its not natural so it’s a bit sad that it’s what K-pop prizes. I hope he will be able to sing songs in his preferred pitch.Read More »

Seo In-guk

D.O.B.: 23 Oct 1987 Age: 30

Height: 180cm / 5’11

Singer / Actor

Won Superstar K (singing contest) in 2009.

Acting breakthrough in drama Reply 1997 in 2012.

He’s an absolutely brilliant actor. I first saw him in No Breathing but I was in Lee Jong-suk fangirl mode at the time so I didn’t like him because he ‘wasn’t even good looking’. I then saw him in Master’s Sun and even though I hated him at the time, he is such a good actor that I disliked him less. The next thing I saw him in was Reply 1997 which is what I definitely recommend watching, for him, for everyone else, for him.Read More »

Lee Jong-suk

D.O.B.: 14 Sept 1989     Age: 28

Height: 186cm / 6’1

He started his career as a model at 15 years of age in 2005.

His character in Hick Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged is the one who made famous “Bbuing Bbuing~”.

One of my most loved actors. He does play the type of characters I like –  teasing, but not brutish, (School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger) or snarky (Secret Garden, Pinocchio). But he portrays the characteristics and expressions of those characters amazingly.

It’s cute how different he is on variety shows compared to his characters. He’s so quiet and shy in real life.

He has a real life bromance with fellow model turned actor of the same age, Kim Woo-bin, it’s the cutest thing. Watch School 2013, Running Man and anything else you find of them together such as School 2013’s special.
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