Hwang Sun-hee

D.O.B: 15 Aug 1986    Age: 30

Height: 170cm / 5’7

She’s so pretty. Dimple!

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Park Shin-hye

D.O.B.: 18 Feb 1990 Age: 27

Height: 168cm / 5’6

Former Child Actress… She’s been playing high schoolers for 13 years now.

Start to fame: Younger version of Han Jung-suh in Stairway to Heaven (2003) at 13 years old.

I don’t like Park Shin-hye, mainly for her kiss scenes, but it’s not to the point where I wouldn’t watch a drama because of her, thankfully. She’s in so many dramas. I do sigh a bit though, knowing she’s the main actress… (24/10/16) I think I can now say she’s improving! With Pinocchio and now Doctors! Phew, imagine all the future dramas I would cringe over.Read More »

Shin Se-kyung

D.O.B.: 29 July 1990          Age: 26Shin-Se-kyung

Height: 166cm / 5’5

She is one of three actresses so far that I would watch a show for. I don’t even know why. Maybe because her blank faces which are so annoying in dramas aren’t as bad as others. Maybe because she is not stylised into the cute or sexy type but actually seems like a normal cute young woman. I did describe her as cute. She is cute. She is just not the overtly cute that Koreans’ try too hard to achieve.Read More »

Kim So-hyun

D.O.B.: 4 June 1999          Age: 17

Height: 164cm / 5’5

She is one of three actresses that I would watch a show for. She is so cute! She is still young so I hope I have many more shows to watch her in in the future and one day…. super intensive romance dramas!

Here’s hoping she doesn’t do Park Shin-hye kisses. How Park Shin-hye passes, I don’t know.

Edit: Really scared she’s not going to be that great of an actress, she needs to improve as she gets older. I’m not quite feeling that yet.

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