Politics IRL

Have you heard what’s going on with the South Korean President Park Geun-hye? It’s sounds like a drama. It could legitimately be a drama. For some reason You’re All Surrounded particularly comes to mind but I don’t remember the drama well enough to put the comparison into words (besides – spoilers).

Update: She’s been impeached and may go to jail like all her other conspirators including “the de facto head of Samsung.” I don’t know what that means but my conspiracy theory is that the exploding Note 7’s came about because they were being lazy with safety laws due to paying off the president. Or it’s just a coincidence.

If you don’t I’ll give you the story off the top of my head. Keep track of all the people involved.

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Hello world!

♫ This is me, can’t you see~ ♫

If you understood that reference then hello fellow countrywoman! because you are most likely female to understand and surely only from my country.

This really is a personal blog to keep track of all the Korean dramas I watch and maybe other things like manga but if you are reading this then enjoy!

– A