Best of 2016 Dramas

…that I have watched anyway.

The drama world was much better this year! So many dramas are still on my ‘to watch’ list! Although I have struggled to finish even the good ones but I want to! I’ll get around to it eventually… hopefully…

Side note: Who writes up the wiki pages? Do they even watch the dramas? Why do they put the male as the lead when it’s the female etc.Read More »


Best of 2015 Dramas

…that I have watched anyway.

Korean dramas weren’t that great this year overall. It’s not just because I haven’t watched that many either, other people have said the same. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t that great that even their synopsis doesn’t intrigue me. Anyway on to the list!Read More »

Top 15 Korean Dramas

This is a less biased version of my favourite dramas. It has more focus on if it’s a great overall drama, basically if I couldn’t go around skipping parts like I do. I tried to judge it based on the first time I watched it because I skipped less parts then. Unlike my favourites list which is more based on how many times I’ve watched it.Read More »

Favourite Korean Dramas

I put these in order, with a lot of struggle, I was contemplating not doing so but there is such fun in ranking them. I judged it on the feelings I had the time I watched it and how many times I’ve watched it.

For the dramas with the same leading men I put the drama I first saw the actor in, thus falling in love and squealing over the hot guy, on a higher rank, but the dramas themselves may be similar.

I recommend watching these in an opposite order! It’s so hard to watch a (lesser) drama after a really good one, don’t you think?Read More »