Mari and Me


This is a variety show about the members pet-sitting in people’s houses. It’s already ending on the 6th of April. That’s quite short. I wonder if it wasn’t popular or it was meant to be just a little show.

The picture looks like baby polar bears, it’s so cute!

The members are all men, is there a reason for that? Why is it called Mari and Me? Who is Mari?

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We Got Married

Jung Yong-hwa & Seohyun (ep.29-80 in 2009) – CNBLUE & SNSD

The Goguma couple! (Sweet potato). Seohyun, who loves sweet potato, had to sneak in saying goguma (if she liked her husband) or hamburger, I think, (if she didn’t) to her SNSD members.

Lee Taemin & Son Na-eun (ep.167-202) – SHINee & Apink ep.59

Jung Joon-young & Jeong Yu-mi (ep.187-221) – rock singer/variety/actor & noona actress ep.59

Song Jae-rim & Kim So-eun (ep.238-275) – actor & actress ep.110

Henry Lau & Yewon (ep.263-275, excl.265) – Super Junior – M & Jewelry (former) ep.144

Lee Jong-hyun & Gong Seung-yeon (ep.263-286) – CNBLUE & actress Unfin. ep.136

Yook Sungjae & Joy (ep.276-320) – BtoB & Red Velvet

Eric Name & Solar (ep.316-) Singer/Host & Mamamoo