Korean Dramas

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  • 5/10 – Good but didn’t really like it/no interest in finishing
  • 6/10 – Liked it but had a lot to criticise/interested in finishing but haven’t
  • 7/10 – Liked it
  • 8/10 – Really good. Would watch again. Recommended
  • 9/10 – Loved it. Highly recommended
  • 10/10 – Amazing!! Must watch
    • My ratings take into account how good it is, how much I love the characters, my feels, if I want to watch it again
  • nR – Not romance
  • hist – Historical, usually Joseon period (1392-1897)
  • vibe: VL/L/N/H/VH – ‘Comedy’-‘Melodrama’ scale. eg. average drama=H, rom/com=L
  • unfin – Unfinished, stopped watching and will never finish it

20 Years Old (2014) VL 7/10 Idol Lee Gi-kwang (Beast). 4 eps

38 Task Force (2016) H 6/10 Tax collection asks a swindler for help. nR

Angel Eyes (2014) H 5/10 Childhood love. Was blind, now she can see

Angry Mom (2015) VH 9/10 Daughter is bullied. Mum goes undercover as student

Another Oh Hae Young (2016) L 5?/10 Ex is about to marry. He stops it. Oops, not the ex.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2012) N 5/10 Childhood love. Ji Chang-wook

Bad Guys (2014) VH 5/10 Convict team to catch criminals. Park Hae-jin. nR

Because It’s My First Life (2017) L 8/10 House-poor man needs housemate

Because It’s The First Time (2015) VL 8/10 Friends post-high school. Minho (SHINee) 8eps

Big (2012) L 3/10 Boy swaps bodies with teacher’s fiancée. Shin Won-ho

Blade Man (2014) H 5/10 Literally, when emotional. Shin Se-kyung

Blood (2015) H 7/10 Ahn Jae-hyun as a vampire doctor. ep.18

Boys Over Flowers (2009) H 3/10 Chaebol school boy Lee Min-ho with poor girl. unfin.

Bridal Mask (2012) VH 9/10 1930’s Japanese oppression era. Vigilante Joo Won

Bride of the Century (2014) H 7/10 Poor female has a doppelganger. Chaebol Lee Hong-ki

Brilliant Legacy (2009) L 8/10 Rich grandma takes in female lead as heir instead of Seung-gi

Cantabile Tomorrow (2014) VL 5/10 Piano university students ep.5

Cheese in the Trap (2016) H 8/10 University. Myterious sunbae

Chicago Typewriter (2017) H 8/10 1930’s rebels reunite in 2017

City Hunter (2011) H 8/10 Lee Min-ho. Vengeful vigilante

Coffee Prince (2007) H 5/10 Yoon Eun-hye cross-dress to work in coffee shop. unfin.

Criminal Minds (2017) VH 6/10 Based off the American detective show.

Cross (2018) VH 7/10 Doctor who wants revenge on those who killed his father

Cruel Love (2007) VH 4/10 Love triangle. Current man vs. married first love. unfin.

Cunning Single Lady (2014) L 8/10 Ex-husband is now rich. Joo Sang-wook, L (Infinite)

Descendants of the Sun (2016) L-VH 8/10 Soldier Song Joong-ki & a doctor, post-war

Divorce Lawyer in Love (2015) L 6/10 Ambitious lawyer. Job switch. Petty revenge. ep.11

Doctors (2016) H 8/10 Delinquent meets her mentor again after 13 years as doctors

Doctor Stranger (2014) H 9/10 Lee Jong-suk as genius heart surgeon returns from N. Korea

Dream High (2011) L 4/10 Idol music school. Kim Soo-hyun, Suzy, Taecyeon. unfin. ep.11?

Emergency Couple (2014) L 8/10 Ex’s Song Ji-hyo & Choi Jin-hyuk meet as doctor interns

Empress Ki (2013) VH 6/10 hist. Empress of Yuan(China). Real lady. Ji Chang-wook. 51eps. ep.19

Entertainer (2016) L 5/10 Ji Sung makes a new boy band starring Minhyuk (CNBLUE). ep.4

Ex-Girlfriend Club (2015) L 8/10 Comic about his ex’s to be made into movie by Song Ji-hyo

Faith (2012) H 4/10 hist. Female doctor time travels into the past. Lee Min-ho ep.15

Falling for Innocence (2015) H 5?/10 Vengeful chaebol with heart condition. ep.3

Fight for My Way (2017) L 6/10 Childhood friends following their dreams

Flower Boys Next Door (2013) L 4/10 Recluse Park Shin-hye

Goblin (2016) H 7/10 Immortal goblins can only die by finding a bride

Good Doctor (2013) H 8/10 Joo Won as an autistic doctor

Goodbye, Mr. Black (2016) H 5?/10 Betrayed man returns with fake wife for revenge. ep.3

Goong (2006) H 8/10 Arranged marriage with crown prince in high school

Gu Family Book (2013) H 5/10 hist. Lee Seung-gi trying to become human. Suzy. ep.12

Healer (2014) H 10/10 Ji Chang-wook as a mercenary

Heartstrings (2011) N 5/10 Arts university. Music. Jung Yong-hwa, Park Shin-hye

Hi! School – Love On (2014) L 5/10 Angel living as female student. Infinite. ep.6?

High School: King of Savvy (2014) L 5/10 Seo In-guk juggles school/bro’s work life

High Society (2015) N 6/10 Female chaebol wants a normal love. He wants to marry rich

Hit the Top/The Best Hit (2017) L 7/10 90’s idol time travels into the present

Hospital Ship (2017) H 7/10 Doctors for small villages on islands

Hwayugi (2018) H 8/10 Lady who sees ghosts. Demon God Lee Seung-gi

Hyde, Jekyll and I (2014) H 4/10 Hyun Bin as chaebol with split personality. unfin. ep.6

I Am Not A Robot (2017) L 8/10 Chaebol allergic to humans. Befriends a new AI ‘robot’

I Do, I Do (2012) L 5/10 Shoe designers. Pregnant from one-night stand

I Hear Your Voice (2013) VH 8/10 H Student Lee Jong-suk can read minds. Lawyers

I Love Lee Tae-ri (2012) L 1/10 Kim Ki-bum loves an older woman, turns her age. ep.2

I Remember You (2015) VH 8/10 Criminal psychology. Seo In-guk

Imaginary Cat (2015) L 6?/10 Yoo Seung-ho takes home a cat. 8 eps. ep. 2?

It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014) H 10/10 Mental health. Gong Hyo-jin, Jo In-sung

Jealousy Incarnate (2016) H 8/10 Weather girl Gong Hyo-jin & Reporter & CEO

Jugglers (2017) 6/10 A passive secretary & disinterested boss. ep.5

K-POP – The Ultimate Audition (2012) L 4/10 Cross-dress for male idol group. Park Yu-hwan

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (2010) H 5/10 1970s-90s. Baking. Family issues. unfin. ep.14

Level 7 Civil Servant (2013) L 4/10 Spies. Joo Won

Lie to Me (2011) L 1/10 Rumor spreads that the leads are married. unfin. ep.2

Lingerie Girls’ Generation (2017) N Students in 1970’s Daegu

Lucky Romance (2016) L 8/10 Superstitious lady & logical CEO Ryu Jun-yeol

Ma Boy (2012) L 6/10 Boy cross-dressed as idol girl in school. Kim So-hyun. 3 eps.

Madame Antoine (2016) N 5/10 Cynical psychologist & fortune teller. ep.3?

Marry Him If You Dare (2013) H 7/10 Woman time travels to not marry husband. Yong-hwa

Mask (2015) H 6/10 Poor doppelganger. Chaebol

Masked Prosecutor (2015) N 3/10 Vigilante prosecutor. Joo Sang-wook. unfin.

Master’s Sun (2013) VH 8/10 Gong Hyo-jin can see ghosts. CEO

Me Too, Flower! (2011) L 7/10 Policewoman & secret rich handbag designer

Medical Top Team (2013) H 4/10 Best doctors. Minho (SHINee) minor role. unfin.

Misaeng (2014) H 6/10 Interning at a company. Yim Si-wan. nR. unfin.

Missing Noir M (2015) VH 6/10 Genius. Missing persons detective. nR. ep.3

Missing You (2013) VH ?/10 Childhood love separated in kidnapping. ep.3

Monstar (2013) H 8/10 School. Music. Yong Jun-hyung (Beast)

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016) L 8/10 hist. Prince Park Bo-gum. Boy Kim Yoo-jung. ep.10

Moorim School (2016) H 6?/10 Idol with hearing problem is told to go to Moorim School ep.4

Mrs. Cop (2015) VH 6/10 An amazing detective struggling to be a mum too. nR ep.4

My Girl (2005) L 4/10 Pretends to be chaebol’s cousin. unfin.

My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox (2010) L 4/10 Action star student Lee Seung-gi. unfin. ep.6

My Lovely Girl (2014) H 6/10 Music. Rain, Krystal, L. ep.12?

My Princess (2011) L 2/10 Finds out she’s a princess. unfin.

My Secret Romance (2017) L 7/10 A one night stand. Meet again 3 years later. Chaebol.

My Shy Boss (2017) L-H 8/10 The CEO of a PR company has a bad case of social anxiety

My Unfortunate Boyfriend (2015) L 2/10 She will do anything for her new job. unfin. ep.3

Oh My Ghost (2015) H 7/10 Park Bo-young possessed by virgin ghost. Chef. ep.10?

Oh My Venus (2015) L 4/10 A famous personal trainer & a fat lawyer. unfin. ep 8?

Operation Proposal (2012) H 2/10 Goes back in time to get with childhood friend. ep.4

Orange Marmalade (2015) H 5/10 Hides that she’s a vampire. Kisses guy’s neck. unfin. ep.4

Personal Taste (2010) L 7/10 Lee Min-ho pretends to be gay to live with lady for house designs

Pinocchio (2014) H 9.5/10 Reporters. Adopted Lee Jong-suk in Park Shin-hye’s family

Plus Nine Boys (2014) L 6/10 Belief that ages ending in 9 have bad luck. Family. Yook Sung-jae

Pride and Prejudice (2014) H 6/10 Ex’s meet again as prosecutors. Choi Jin-hyuk. ep.12?

Producer (2015) L 7.5/10 Variety department. Mockumentary. Kim Soo-hyun. Gong Hyo-jin. IU

Prosecutor Princess (2010) L 4/10 Smart but disinterested prosecutor

Protect the Boss (2011) L 6/10 Secretary. Chaebol cousins. ep.9

Remember (2015) VH 7?/10 Lawyer Yoo Seung-ho tries to free jailed father with dementia. ep.2?

Reply 1988 (2015) H 8/10 5 families in the same neighbourhood

Reply 1994 (2013) L 6/10 Boarding house for university students. Go Ara. ep.7?

Reply 1997 (2012) L 10/10 Busan 1997. School. Teenagers. K-pop fangirling. Seo In-guk

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016) H 9/10 Transferred to rundown hospital with amazing dr

Salamander Guru and the Shadows (2012) L 4/10 Minho (SHINee) genius hacker. nR?ep.4?

Sassy, Go Go (2015) L 8/10 School. Cheerleading. Dumb vs. smart student clubs

Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015) VH 5/10 hist. Vampire. Revenge. Prince. ep.4??

School 2013 (2012) H 9/10 Lee Jong-suk & Kim Woo-bin. nR

School 2017 (2017) H 7.5/10 Youth & School

Secret Garden (2010) H 7/10 CEO & stuntwoman swap bodies when it rains

She Was Pretty (2015) L 7/10 …he was ugly, now she’s not & he’s hot. Park Seo-joon

Signal (2016) VH 9/10 A profiler can talk to a detective in 1989 via walkie-talkie. nR

Special Affairs Team TEN (2011) VH 6/10 Detectives. Joo Sang-wook. nR. ep.3

Stranger/Secret Forest (2017) H 6/10 Prosecutor without emotions. nR.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) VL-VH 9.5/10 Super strong Park Bo-young. Hyung-sik. Ji Soo

Suits (2018) H 7/10 Based off US show. Fake rookie lawyer. Park Hyung-sik

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) H 5/10 hist. University. Cross-dress. Song Joong-ki. unfin. ep.8

Suspicious Partner (2017) H/L 8/10 Lawyers. Ji Chang-wook.

The Fugitive: Plan B (2010) H 6/10 Rain as private investigator. Conspiracies. ep.8?

The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015) H 6/10 …after her parents were murdered. Shin Se-kyung

The Great Seducer (2018) H 8/10 French novel. Chaebols. Seduction games. ep.7

The Heirs (2013) H 7/10 Chaebol school. Lee Min-ho meets poor girl. Kang Min-hyuk

The Innocent Man (2012) VH 8/10 Song Joong-ki. Revenge on childhood love

The K2 (2016) H 7/10 Ji Chang-wook guards presidential candidate’s secret daughter Yoona

The King 2 Hearts (2012) VH 9/10 Prince Lee Seung-gi in special army group with North Korea

The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) L 7?/10 Mermaid Jun Ji-hyun & con-artist Lee Min-ho

The Liar and His Lover (2017) VL 6?/10 Manga. Secret famous producer & new singer. ep.4

The Night Watchman’s Journal (2014) VH 7/10 hist. Dethroned prince sees ghosts. ep.16

The Prime Minister and I (2013) L 7/10 Yoona marries Prime Minister under contract

The Time We Were Not in Love (2015) L 5/10 Besties since high school now in their 30’s. ep.3

The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2015) VH 5/10 Body discovered in a quiet village. Sung-jae. nR

To The Beautiful You (2012) VL 4/10 Hana Kimi. Sulli as a boy in a boys school. Minho (SHINee)

Twenty Again (2015) L 7/10 38yo. Husband wants divorce. Uni student with son. ep.8

Vampire Prosecutor (2011) VH 7/10 Investigations using powers. nR

W – Two Worlds (2016) VH 8/10 Dr Oh falls into comic book character Lee Jong-suk’s world

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016) VL 9.5/10 Sports uni. Weightlifter girl & swimmer

While You Were Sleeping (2017) H 9/10 Suzy has foretelling dreams. Prosecutor Lee Jong-suk.

Who Are You? (2013) H 3/10 Police woman can see ghosts. Taecyeon (2pm). unfin. ep.5?

Who Are You: School 2015 VH 5/10 Bullied Kim So-hyun becomes popular twin. Yook Sung-jae

Witch’s Romance (2014) L 7/10 14 year age gap. Park Seo-joon

Yong Pal (2015) VH 8/10 Medical. Gangsters. Heiress. Joo Won

You Who Came From the Stars (2014) H 9.5/10 Alien stuck on earth falls in love before he leaves

You’re All Surrounded (2014) H 9/10 Lee Seung-gi as policeman. Murdered mother


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